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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who knocks on Bertie's door in Chapter 10?
(a) The police.
(b) Sir Roderick.
(c) Jeeves.
(d) Mr. Stoker.

2. What relationship do Bertie and Sir Roderick have?
(a) They are strangers.
(b) They are relatives.
(c) They are enemies.
(d) They are school friends.

3. What does Chuffy ask Bertie in Chapter 4?
(a) How he knows the Stokers.
(b) What he should do to impress Pauline.
(c) How to convince Mr. Stoker to buy the estate.
(d) If he still loves Pauline.

4. What is Bertie's surname?
(a) Wooster.
(b) Whiffle.
(c) Warblington.
(d) Warner.

5. Who is Pauline?
(a) Bertie's former fiancée.
(b) Bertie's girlfriend.
(c) Bertie's cousin.
(d) Sir Roderick's fiancee.

6. How much money has Pauline's father inherited?
(a) One million dollars.
(b) Thirty million dollars.
(c) Fifty million dollars.
(d) Ten million dollars.

7. What is the name of Chuffy's village?
(a) Chuffnellgate.
(b) Chuffington.
(c) Chuffnell Regis.
(d) Chuffnell Dale.

8. What does Bertie realize when Pauline speaks to Chuffy in Chapter 4?
(a) Pauline is nicer than she used to be.
(b) Pauline dislikes Chuffy.
(c) Pauline treats Chuffy like a brother.
(d) Pauline loves Chuffy.

9. What is Bertie relieved to see when he is back in the cottage?
(a) Chuffy has built a fire.
(b) Jeeves has prepared him a tonic.
(c) Pauline is gone.
(d) The mess has been cleaned up.

10. Where does Bertie learn Jeeves has found employment?
(a) With Bertie's downstairs neighbor.
(b) With Pauline's family.
(c) With Sir Roderick.
(d) With Chuffy.

11. What is the title of Chapter 9?
(a) Lovers' Meetings.
(b) The Love That Purifies.
(c) Sir Roderick Comes To Lunch.
(d) A Letter of Introduction.

12. Who comes to Bertie's apartment to tell him to give up his new hobby?
(a) Sir Roderick.
(b) Bertie's neighbor.
(c) The building manager.
(d) Aunt Agatha.

13. What does Bertie find on his desk?
(a) A note.
(b) A key.
(c) A spider.
(d) An empty bottle of gin.

14. What is the name of Chuffy's estate?
(a) Chuffnell Court.
(b) Chuffnell Hall.
(c) Chuffnell House.
(d) Chuffnell Castle.

15. Why does Mr. Stoker call off the property deal?
(a) Seabury and Mr. Stoker's son fight.
(b) Chuffy inadvertently insults Americans.
(c) Chuffy refuses to reduce his asking price.
(d) He finds structural faults in the building.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Bertie kiss Pauline?

2. What is Pauline wearing when Bertie finds her after returning from dinner in Chapter 6?

3. What is Bertie's new hobby in Chapter 1?

4. Where does Bertie first go to sleep since Pauline is in his bed?

5. Who is Jeeves?

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