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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Pauline's surname?
(a) Salt.
(b) Stoker.
(c) Slingsby.
(d) Stockheath.

2. In Chapter 6, what does Jeeves say Chuffy and Pauline were doing after lunch?
(a) Talking quietly.
(b) Feeding the swans.
(c) Arguing about politics.
(d) Playing croquet.

3. Where does Bertie learn Jeeves has found employment?
(a) With Sir Roderick.
(b) With Chuffy.
(c) With Pauline's family.
(d) With Bertie's downstairs neighbor.

4. What does Chuffy ask Bertie in Chapter 4?
(a) If he still loves Pauline.
(b) How to convince Mr. Stoker to buy the estate.
(c) How he knows the Stokers.
(d) What he should do to impress Pauline.

5. What is the name of Chuffy's village?
(a) Chuffnellgate.
(b) Chuffington.
(c) Chuffnell Dale.
(d) Chuffnell Regis.

6. Why did Pauline go to Bertie's cottage?
(a) To look for Jeeves.
(b) To get something to eat.
(c) To find something to wear.
(d) To drop off a gift.

7. If Bertie's plan goes well, what emotion does he expect Chuffy to display?
(a) Happiness.
(b) Sadness.
(c) Jealousy.
(d) Anger.

8. What title does Chuffy bear?
(a) Sir.
(b) Lord.
(c) Viscount.
(d) Duke.

9. Why does Bertie move out of his apartment in Chapter 1?
(a) He refuses to give up his new hobby.
(b) He doesn't want to run into Pauline.
(c) His neighbors are making too much noise.
(d) His apartment is undergoing renovations.

10. What is Bertie's surname?
(a) Warblington.
(b) Warner.
(c) Wooster.
(d) Whiffle.

11. What is the title of Chapter 5?
(a) Bertie Takes Things in Hand.
(b) The Pride of the Woosters is Wounded.
(c) Leave it to Jeeves.
(d) Without the Option.

12. Where does Bertie go to sleep after being disturbed by the police?
(a) His car.
(b) His shed.
(c) His sofa.
(d) Chuffnell Hall.

13. Why does Mr. Stoker call off the property deal?
(a) Chuffy refuses to reduce his asking price.
(b) He finds structural faults in the building.
(c) Seabury and Mr. Stoker's son fight.
(d) Chuffy inadvertently insults Americans.

14. To which character does the title of Chapter 4 refer?
(a) Bertie.
(b) Pauline.
(c) Jeeves.
(d) Chuffy.

15. Where is Pauline's family from?
(a) France.
(b) Scotland.
(c) Australia.
(d) America.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why have the police come to Bertie's cottage in Chapter 8?

2. How does Bertie describe the kiss he gave Pauline?

3. What is the title of Chapter 9?

4. What encouraged Chuffy to ask Pauline to marry him?

5. Who is Chuffy about to have lunch with?

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