Objects & Places from Thank You, Jeeves

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This is what causes Jeeves to resign from his position as Bertie's valet.

Heliotrope Pajamas

This is what Bertie finds Pauline in when he returns to his cottage late one night.

Letter from Chuffy to Miss Stoker

This is what prompts Pauline to escape from her father's yacht.

Boot Polish

This is what Bertie uses in order to escape from the yacht.

Blackened Cork

This is what Sir Roderick uses darken his face.


This is what Seabury uses to get revenge on Sire Roderick.

Bertram's Apartment

This is what Bertie loses when he refuses to give up his new musical hobby.

Bertram's Garage

This is what Sir Roderick is arrested for breaking into.

Stoker's Yacht

This is where Bertie is held captive.

Chuffnell Hall

This is what Chuffy hopes to sell to Mr. Stoker.

Dower House

This is where Bertie sees Brinkley attack Sir Roderick.

Chuffnell Regis

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