Thank You, Jeeves Character Descriptions

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Mr. Bertram Wooster - This character is the protagonist of the story and employs a valet.

Jeeves - This character is a very capable valet.

Lord Chuffnell or Chuffy - This character is the protagonist's old school chum.

Miss Pauline Stoker - This character is discovered in the protagonist's bed.

Mr. J.W. Stoker - This character inherits $50 million from an uncle.

Dwight Stoker - This character celebrates a birthday aboard the yacht.

Dowager Lady Chuffnell - This character is engaged to the protagonist's mortal enemy.

Seabury - This character gets revenge by creating a butter slide.

Sir Roderick Glossop - This character is a psychiatrist and the protagonist's moral enemy.

Brinkley - This character sets a cottage on fire.

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