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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the thief claim to have no luck?
(a) He cannot support his family.
(b) He can never find things to steal.
(c) He always gets caught.
(d) He can never sell his stolen goods.

2. What does the priest want to do when he is trapped on the runaway locomotive with Berko?
(a) Pull the brake.
(b) Wait for help.
(c) Throw something in front of the train to slow it.
(d) Make a jump for it.

3. In The Automatic Exemption, what place is the tall bearded Jew originally from?
(a) Mezritch.
(b) Vorotolivke.
(c) Agvrik.
(d) Mazapevke.

4. How much money does Yayl have to pay when he loses the bet?
(a) 200 rubles.
(b) 50 rubles.
(c) 10 rubles.
(d) 100 rubles.

5. Where does Moshke claim to be when his store burns down?
(a) At his nephew's bar mitzvah.
(b) On business in Odessa.
(c) At his nieces's engagement party.
(d) At home taking a nap.

6. Where does Berko go after the train stops?
(a) He spends the holiday with friends in Heysen.
(b) He returns home.
(c) He travels up the line.
(d) He is taken to jail for starting the locamotive.

7. Why does the 60-year-old man claim to hate reading the newspaper?
(a) Because it is not his hometown newspaper.
(b) Because reading on the train gives him motion sickness.
(c) Because the newspaper depresses him.
(d) Because he is not a good reader.

8. Why did the man in It Doesn't Pay to Be Good adopt two children?
(a) Because he had an omen that he should adopt them.
(b) Because there was a tax break for adopting them.
(c) Because he thought they resembled him.
(d) Because he is childless.

9. Where is the Russian priest from in The Miracle of Hoshana Rabbah?
(a) Mazapevke.
(b) Heysen.
(c) Golovonyevsk.
(d) Sobolivke.

10. How is Noyach Tonkonog able to read a telegram about the upcoming pogrom?
(a) He accidentily sees it while making deliveries.
(b) He has a close friend who is a Christian that gives it to him.
(c) He does not reveal how he sees the telegram.
(d) He owns a printshop and is connected to officials.

11. How long had Moshke had insurance before the place burned down?
(a) Two years.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Two months.
(d) One day.

12. Why doesn't the narrator in trouble at the end of Fated for Misfortune?
(a) He is bankrupt.
(b) He has stolen money.
(c) He has broken his leg.
(d) He did not keep account books.

13. Why does Aharon's son get rid of his school hat?
(a) He doesn't want others to know he is a student.
(b) The hat no longer fits his head.
(c) He lost his hat playing a game.
(d) He has left school.

14. Where is Moyshe-Nachman from?
(a) Yehupetz.
(b) Konnele.
(c) Purishkevitch.
(d) Kaminka.

15. Where is the setting of Hard Luck?
(a) The second class waiting room at the station.
(b) The ticket counter at the train station.
(c) The local bar.
(d) A third class train car.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ailment is Moyshe-Nachman trying to get treatment for?

2. In The Automatic Exemption where does the tall bearded Jew currently reside?

3. What is the name of the boy, who Etke reads the book Sanine with?

4. How many times in total does Itsik have to go before the draft board?

5. How is the thief able to take the case from the Diamond Dealer?

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