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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What year does Tevye record it as being at the end of Hodl?
(a) 1892.
(b) 1904.
(c) 1910.
(d) 1898.

2. How much money does Menachem Mendl want Tevye to invest in the stocks in Chapter 2?
(a) 50 rubles.
(b) 300 rubles.
(c) 600 rubles.
(d) 100 rubles.

3. Who does Tevye sell his house to?
(a) He is unable to sell his house.
(b) Ivan Paparilo.
(c) Chava and Chevdka.
(d) Mendel Beilis.

4. Why is Chava in the priest's custody?
(a) She has agreed to marry a Christian.
(b) Tevye has asked the priest to help educate her.
(c) She wants to become a nun.
(d) She is being punished for vandalizing the church.

5. What is wrong with Itzikl Borodenko's daughter in The Happiest Man in All Kodny?
(a) She has a severe chest cough.
(b) She has poisoned herself after being jilted.
(c) She is losing vision in her right eye.
(d) She has frequent dizzy spells.

6. What does Golde suggest that Tevye do in order to get the Priest to allow him to see Chava?
(a) She wants Tevye to bribe the Priest with money.
(b) She thinks he should throw himself at the Priest's feet and beg for pity.
(c) She thinks Tevye should intimidate the Priest and threaten to harm him.
(d) She wants Tevye to pretend to be interested in Christianity.

7. What does Golde prepare for Ahronchik and his friend on their visit over the holiday to Tevye's house?
(a) Blintzes.
(b) Borscht.
(c) She refuses to make anything because it is the holiday.
(d) Challah.

8. Why isn't the end of Kivke's story disclosed?
(a) Kivke himself appears on the scene and everyone goes quiet.
(b) A unexpected pogrom breaks up the storytelling.
(c) The man did not know the ending.
(d) The man telling the story had to catch a train.

9. How many rubles does Tevye come home with, after saving the two women from the forest?
(a) 37 rubles.
(b) 53 rubles.
(c) 3 rubles.
(d) 137 rubles.

10. How much money does the man from Kodny offer the professor to see his son?
(a) 10 rubles.
(b) 300 rubles.
(c) 32 rubles.
(d) 25 rubles.

11. What dishes of Golde's does Tevye call "heaven on earth?"
(a) Her knishes and baclava.
(b) Her borscht.
(c) Her kreplach.
(d) Her pudding and poppy cakes.

12. Who suggests Podhotzur as a spouse for Beilke?
(a) The matchmaker Efrayim.
(b) Golde does just before she dies.
(c) Podhotzur approaches Tevye himself.
(d) Motl does, as he is a client of his.

13. Why does Tevye think that Podhotzur has summoned him to his house after his marriage to Beilke?
(a) He thinks Podhotzur wants to send him abroad.
(b) He thinks Podhotzur will ask him to move in.
(c) He thinks Podhotzur will offer him a job.
(d) He thinks Podhotzur wants to give him a gift.

14. What is the profession of Motl Komzoyl, who Tsaytl want to marry?
(a) He is a carpenter.
(b) He owns a store.
(c) He is a tailor.
(d) He is a soldier.

15. What does the long-haired messenger tell Hodl?
(a) He tells her Peppercorn has been injured.
(b) He tells her Peppercorn has left her for another woman.
(c) He tells her Peppercorn has died.
(d) He tells her Peppercorn is in jail.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Tevye returns from his meeting with Layzar, how does Golde initially react?

2. After the conversation with the other two Jews, what does the man from Pereshchepena do?

3. What does Shprintze ultimately do after she is heartbroken by Ahronchik?

4. What happens to Tevye the day after his meeting with Layzar that he sees as a bad omen?

5. Which is not one of the towns listed in Eighteen from Pereshchepena?

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