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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Baranovich Station, pp. 152-163, Eighteen from Pereshchepena, pp. 163-166.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes the saleswoman to sit down on her basket and cry into her shawl?
(a) She finds out that her husband has died.
(b) She is insulted by a goy.
(c) The Jews mock her and call her a beauty queen.
(d) Her basket is overturned and her merchandise spoiled.

2. What class does the narrator generally take when he goes by trains?
(a) It is unknown.
(b) First class.
(c) Second class.
(d) Third class.

3. How does Golde feel about Peppercorn's marriage to Tevye's daugher Hodl?
(a) She is indifferent to the match.
(b) She likes Peppercorn and is pleased with the match.
(c) She refuses to acknowledge the wedding and mourns Hodl as dead.
(d) She is stunned that Tevye has allowed it.

4. What is the name of the town the two women are trying to get to?
(a) Boiberik.
(b) Yehupetz.
(c) Boreykh.
(d) Velamalshin.

5. Why is Tevye expelled from the village in Lekh-Lekho?
(a) He is punished for not paying his taxes.
(b) His neighbors want to seize his land.
(c) The provinical governor has ordered all Jews to be expelled.
(d) It has been found out that his son-in-law Peppercorn is a revolutionary.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tevye end up staying in Russia instead of going to the Holy Land?

2. What does the long-haired messenger tell Hodl?

3. What is the man from Lower Pereshchepena wearing?

4. What is wrong with Itzikl Borodenko's daughter in The Happiest Man in All Kodny?

5. What relationship do the saleswoman and the salesman on the train have in the Competitors?

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