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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Baranovich Station, pp. 152-163, Eighteen from Pereshchepena, pp. 163-166.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many rubles does Tevye come home with, after saving the two women from the forest?
(a) 37 rubles.
(b) 137 rubles.
(c) 53 rubles.
(d) 3 rubles.

2. Of the two salespeople described in Competitors, who has the lowest prices?
(a) The woman's prices are always lower.
(b) Both salespeople charge the exact same prices.
(c) The man's prices are generally lower.
(d) It changes from day to day whose prices are lower.

3. Why does Tevye end up staying in Russia instead of going to the Holy Land?
(a) He receives a note from Beilke asking him not to go.
(b) Motl dies and he stays to help Tsaytl.
(c) He becomes to sick to board the ship.
(d) He finds he does not have paper needed to travel abroad.

4. Why does Tevye go to see Layzar Wolf in Today's Children?
(a) He wants to arrange a marriage with Layzar and his daughter.
(b) He thinks Layzar wants to buy his brown cow.
(c) It is a social call, as Layzar and Tevye are friends.
(d) Layzar has ordered some dairy goods from him.

5. What causes the saleswoman to sit down on her basket and cry into her shawl?
(a) The Jews mock her and call her a beauty queen.
(b) She finds out that her husband has died.
(c) Her basket is overturned and her merchandise spoiled.
(d) She is insulted by a goy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tevye do when he meets Chava in the forest after her marriage?

2. Who does Golde have a dream about in Tevye Strikes It Rich that foreshadowed the milk cow Tevye was to receive?

3. How is Tevye related to Menachem Mendl?

4. Who is Gorky?

5. What do Tevye and his wife decide to buy with their reward from the rich Jew?

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