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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Baranovich Station, pp. 152-163, Eighteen from Pereshchepena, pp. 163-166.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Golde feel about Peppercorn's marriage to Tevye's daugher Hodl?
(a) She is indifferent to the match.
(b) She refuses to acknowledge the wedding and mourns Hodl as dead.
(c) She is stunned that Tevye has allowed it.
(d) She likes Peppercorn and is pleased with the match.

2. When Tevye returns from his meeting with Layzar, how does Golde initially react?
(a) She is excited about that Tevye has become friends with Layzar.
(b) She is angry at him for being drunk.
(c) She asleep when he gets home and won't wake to hear his news.
(d) She ignores Tevye as she is busy cooking.

3. What class does the narrator generally take when he goes by trains?
(a) It is unknown.
(b) Second class.
(c) First class.
(d) Third class.

4. Who does Tevye sell his house to?
(a) Mendel Beilis.
(b) He is unable to sell his house.
(c) Ivan Paparilo.
(d) Chava and Chevdka.

5. What happens to Tevye when he stops to pray in the evening after hauling logs all day?
(a) It begins to rain on him.
(b) He hears a woman crying.
(c) His horse decides to run off.
(d) He finds a ruble on the ground.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Golde prepare for Ahronchik and his friend on their visit over the holiday to Tevye's house?

2. How much money does Kivke request from Kaminka for a dowry?

3. What do Tevye and Layzar drink during their meeting in Today's Children?

4. Why is there a sudden influx in the population of Boiberik in Shprintze?

5. Why does Tevye end up staying in Russia instead of going to the Holy Land?

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