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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Baranovich Station, pp. 152-163, Eighteen from Pereshchepena, pp. 163-166.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After losing his fortune, what is Tevye's hope for the future?
(a) He completely foreswares money and doesn't think about it anymore.
(b) He hopes to have his fund reinstated and continue in his exact station.
(c) He has no hope to ever become wealthy.
(d) He still hopes for better times and to become rich.

2. What was Kivke sentenced to run the gauntlet?
(a) For failing to pay his head tax.
(b) For trying to escape the draft.
(c) For arguing religion.
(d) For stealing vodka.

3. Why does Tevye think that Podhotzur has summoned him to his house after his marriage to Beilke?
(a) He thinks Podhotzur will offer him a job.
(b) He thinks Podhotzur wants to send him abroad.
(c) He thinks Podhotzur will ask him to move in.
(d) He thinks Podhotzur wants to give him a gift.

4. Who is Gorky?
(a) A revered Rabbi.
(b) The current prime minister.
(c) An important literary figure.
(d) The leader of the revolutionary movement.

5. Where is Ahronchik and his mother from?
(a) Yehupetz.
(b) Korkhekho.
(c) Yekaterinoslav.
(d) Odessa.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tevye's wagon run into a tree on the way to Yehpuetz in Tevye Blows a Small Fortune?

2. What is Chvedka's profession?

3. Why does Tevye go to see Layzar Wolf in Today's Children?

4. What do Tevye's Christian neighbors call him?

5. What items are Podhotzur's house full of?

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