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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tevye Leaves for the Land of Israel, pp. 97-116, Lekh-Lekho, pp. 116-131.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What year does Tevye record it as being at the end of Hodl?
(a) 1898.
(b) 1892.
(c) 1910.
(d) 1904.

2. What happens to Tevye the day after his meeting with Layzar that he sees as a bad omen?
(a) He gets the stomach flu.
(b) His cow dies.
(c) He injures his hand.
(d) His cart overturns.

3. Why does Tevye go to see Layzar Wolf in Today's Children?
(a) It is a social call, as Layzar and Tevye are friends.
(b) He wants to arrange a marriage with Layzar and his daughter.
(c) He thinks Layzar wants to buy his brown cow.
(d) Layzar has ordered some dairy goods from him.

4. Where doe Beilke and Podhotzur go on their honeymoon?
(a) Switzerland.
(b) Italy.
(c) Austria.
(d) Germany.

5. How many rubles does Tevye come home with, after saving the two women from the forest?
(a) 37 rubles.
(b) 3 rubles.
(c) 53 rubles.
(d) 137 rubles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gift does the old woman offer to Tevye for bring her back to the dacha?

2. When Tevye returns from his meeting with Layzar, how does Golde initially react?

3. What items are Podhotzur's house full of?

4. What does Golde prepare for Ahronchik and his friend on their visit over the holiday to Tevye's house?

5. Why does Tevye's wagon run into a tree on the way to Yehpuetz in Tevye Blows a Small Fortune?

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