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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 3, what attacks Lord Greystoke when he is trying to cut down a tree?
(a) A lion.
(b) A great bull ape.
(c) A leopard.
(d) A cheetah.

2. How do Clayton and Tarzan get to the cabin from the jungle in Chapter 15?
(a) Tarzan and Clayton swing through the trees.
(b) Tarzan swings in the trees as Clayton runs on the ground.
(c) Tarzan carries Clayton on his back.
(d) They run.

3. What does Tarzan first do when he enters the cabin in Chapter 6?
(a) Lays on the bed.
(b) Opens the cupboards and drawer.
(c) Sits in the chair.
(d) Moves the skeletons.

4. Why does Tarzan know he must move the tribe?
(a) White men have come into the harbor.
(b) The black people build a new village too near them.
(c) The hunting is getting difficult.
(d) A large pride of animals have moved into the area.

5. What does Tarzan keep telling Clayton to do about the lion?
(a) Stab it with one of Tarzan’s arrows.
(b) Leave the lion to Tarzan.
(c) Hit it over the head.
(d) Shoot it with his gun.

6. In Chapter 2, what does Black Michael tell the crew about the Greystokes?
(a) He does not mention the Greystokes.
(b) Leave them in the cabin.
(c) The Greystokes are his friends.
(d) Bring them to the deck.

7. How old is Tarzan when he is finally able to read the children’s primer?
(a) 13.
(b) 17.
(c) 16.
(d) 15.

8. In Chapter 8, what pulls Tarzan from a tree when he ropes it?
(a) A lion.
(b) A chettah.
(c) An antelope.
(d) A boar.

9. How does Kala die?
(a) She dies of old age.
(b) Kulonga kills her.
(c) Kerchak kills her.
(d) She is grabbed by a crocodile.

10. What fascinates Tarzan about a pencil?
(a) How it can be sharpened with the knife.
(b) How it leaves a black mark.
(c) The eraser at the top of it.
(d) How the lead is surrounded by wood.

11. What is the ape’s word for gorilla?
(a) Numa.
(b) Valti.
(c) Sabor.
(d) Bolgani.

12. What does the small man do when Clayton walks away after arguing with him in Chapter 13?
(a) Kick sand at Clayton.
(b) Touches his gun.
(c) Shakes his head and turns away.
(d) Makes a rude gesture.

13. In Chapter 14, what do the sailors do when Clayton goes into the jungle to look for the Professor?
(a) Sits on the beach waiting for Clayton to return.
(b) Leaves for the ship.
(c) Sit outside the cabin.
(d) Go into the cabin.

14. What does Tarzan find out about the door to the cabin from the inside?
(a) It is carved with symbols.
(b) He can lock it from the inside.
(c) It is thicker than he realized.
(d) The latch has been broken on it.

15. What is Alice’s maiden name?
(a) Smithfield.
(b) Hawthorne.
(c) Pendington.
(d) Rutherford.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Jane goes outside to meet Tarzan?

2. What has Tarzan been unable to master in his lessons in Chapter 9?

3. What does Tarzan throw at one of the warriors in Chapter 11?

4. In Chapter 5, what does Tarzan do when a lion kills his friend?

5. How does Tarzan continue his lessons when his tribe is far from the cabin?

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