Tarzan of the Apes Fun Activities

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Draw a picture of the Greystoke’s cabin at the beach.

Letter Writing

Write a letter to Tarzan after he leaves Jane with Clayton and write a reply from Tarzan to Jane.


Create a list of actors to play the major characters and explain why you choose those actors.


Write a biographical paragraph about one of the major characters.


You are a journalist with People magazine. Write out an interview with Tarzan.

New Title

In groups have groups come up with a new title for Tarzan of the Apes. Have the class vote on the best one.

Rope Making

Make a rope like Tarzan’s by twisting long grasses together.

Trivial Game

Design a Trivial Pursuit type game based on Tarzan of the Apes. Choose six objects from the book to serve as playing pieces.


Create a time line, including illustrations, of the...

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