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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Alligator", U.S. Admirals plot an attack on the Japanese-held island of ______________.
(a) Kuralei.
(b) Norfolk Island.
(c) Pearl Harbor.
(d) Efate.

2. During what time period does the narrator spend time in the South Pacific?
(a) Korean War.
(b) Vietnam War.
(c) World War II.
(d) Gulf War.

3. Who is the nurse Harbison dates who is 20 years older than he?
(a) Dinah Culbert.
(b) Mary Ann Morgan.
(c) Sarah Jane Steward.
(d) Mona Lou Henson.

4. Who does Bus drink whiskey with after his rescue?
(a) Freddie Meyers.
(b) Bud Albers.
(c) Tony Fry.
(d) Nick Jones.

5. Who assumes command of the Alligator initiative?
(a) Captain James Morgan.
(b) Captain Joe Sullenbarger.
(c) Captain Eddie Martin.
(d) Captain Samuel Kelley.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what kind of liquor does Lt. Grant celebrate the destruction of the Japanese fleet?

2. In what branch of the military does Bill Harbison serve?

3. From what disease do many of the men stationed near the Coral Sea suffer?

4. From whom does Joe get his first letter sent by a girl?

5. Who is the narrator's commander in The Cave?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the Remittance Man?

2. What foreshadowing does the author use in this story?

3. Who is Joe and what are the circumstances he shares with eight hundred other men in "Dry Rot"?

4. What is the content of the "Coral Sea" story?

5. What is the secret operation called "Alligator"?

6. Who is Ensign Bill Harbison and what is his role?

7. What does Bill do to pass time in his position?

8. What is the content of "The South Pacific" story?

9. Who is Captain Samuel Kelley and for what is he responsible in the "Alligator" operation?

10. Who is the woman who is the center of the story in "Our Heroine"?

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