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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Luther Billis is described as looking somewhat like a ______________.
(a) pirate.
(b) choir boy.
(c) football player.
(d) clown.

2. How is the island of Konora shaped?
(a) Like a boomerang.
(b) Like an outstretched arm.
(c) Like a lightning bolt.
(d) Like a bent knee.

3. What article of clothing is Bus noted for wearing?
(a) Aviator cap.
(b) Red socks.
(c) Bomber jacket.
(d) Mickey Mouse watch.

4. The airstrip in #133 is under the command of _________________.
(a) Commander Hall.
(b) Commander Watson.
(c) Commander Johnson.
(d) Commander Hoag.

5. In what type of ceremony does Tony Fry marry Latouhe?
(a) Methodist.
(b) Buddhist.
(c) Catholic.
(d) Jewish.

6. Why does Joe find it difficult to write a letter to his fiance?
(a) He no longer wants to marry her.
(b) He is ill.
(c) He thinks of Liat.
(d) He is frightened.

7. Who is the pilot who lands on the new airstrip after his plane is damaged in a dogfight?
(a) Eddie Franks.
(b) Jonathan Cole.
(c) Bus Adams.
(d) Joe Mitchell.

8. How does Captain Kelley's daughter die?
(a) Car accident.
(b) Suicide.
(c) Leukemia.
(d) Heart disease.

9. What do the men consider putting on top of the airstrip to give it a tighter, smoother top?
(a) Gel.
(b) Live coral.
(c) Silicone.
(d) Plastic.

10. Admiral Kester orders an airstrip built on the tiny island of ____________.
(a) Papua.
(b) Vanuatu.
(c) Konora.
(d) New Hebrides.

11. What do most men fear being drawn into during their military service?
(a) Alcoholism.
(b) Drugs.
(c) Prostitution.
(d) Homosexuality.

12. What helps Bloody Mary bargain with the American servicemen?
(a) Bribes.
(b) Dirty words.
(c) Discounts.
(d) Dirty pictures.

13. What is a major source of American casualties during the South Pacific campaign?
(a) Bacterial infections.
(b) Dogfights.
(c) Attacks by Japanese suicide men.
(d) Malaria.

14. What kind of mission are Tony, the narrator and Bus on?
(a) Rescue.
(b) First aid.
(c) Surveillance.
(d) Looking for whiskey.

15. Why does Harbison bring up the topic of Seaman Timothy Hewitt to Paul?
(a) Hewitt writes what are considered to be pornographic letters to his wife.
(b) He has a really bad case of malaria.
(c) He has died from a wound sustained
(d) He has had a nervous breakdown.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tony kill during the night when they scratch on the metal of the plane?

2. What rock is found in the hills on Konora?

3. Why does Atabrine Benny take Joe to Bali Ha'i?

4. Even though Bus Adams is a married man, he has a girlfriend in the South Pacific named _____________.

5. How do the men spend Christmas Day?

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