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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the island of Konora shaped?
(a) Like a bent knee.
(b) Like a boomerang.
(c) Like an outstretched arm.
(d) Like a lightning bolt.

2. Who is Latouche's sister?
(a) Marthe.
(b) Jeanne.
(c) Emile.
(d) Isabel.

3. Who is the French statesman who leads France during the war?
(a) Charles de Gaulle.
(b) Jacques Pepin.
(c) Michel Debre.
(d) Georges Pompidou.

4. Who is the chaplain in "A Boar's Tooth"?
(a) Rev. Minsterman.
(b) Chappy Jones.
(c) Chaplain Goodacre.
(d) Rev. Miller.

5. What helps Bloody Mary bargain with the American servicemen?
(a) Bribes.
(b) Dirty pictures.
(c) Discounts.
(d) Dirty words.

6. What do most men fear being drawn into during their military service?
(a) Homosexuality.
(b) Prostitution.
(c) Alcoholism.
(d) Drugs.

7. What does Tony kill during the night when they scratch on the metal of the plane?
(a) Land crabs.
(b) Raccoons.
(c) Seagulls.
(d) Coyotes.

8. Latouche decides that Lt. Col. Haricot can be persuaded to marry _____________.
(a) Isabel.
(b) Colette.
(c) Camille.
(d) Laurencin.

9. Captain Samuel Kelley is known for ________________.
(a) impeccable manners.
(b) slacking off.
(c) being drunk.
(d) working the men relentlessly.

10. What article of clothing is Bus noted for wearing?
(a) Bomber jacket.
(b) Mickey Mouse watch.
(c) Aviator cap.
(d) Red socks.

11. With what do the men fill the ravine in the middle of the island?
(a) Clay.
(b) Sand.
(c) Gravel.
(d) Coral.

12. What job does the narrator have during this operation?
(a) Whiskey runner.
(b) KP officer.
(c) Liaison between commanders.
(d) Surveillance.

13. What item of Luther Billis' fascinates Tony Fry?
(a) Hawaiian shirt.
(b) Boar's tusk.
(c) Canoe.
(d) Shark's teeth.

14. Why does Joe find it difficult to write a letter to his fiance?
(a) He is frightened.
(b) He thinks of Liat.
(c) He no longer wants to marry her.
(d) He is ill.

15. Admiral Kester orders an airstrip built on the tiny island of ____________.
(a) New Hebrides.
(b) Vanuatu.
(c) Papua.
(d) Konora.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what fabric does Latouche make a wedding dress?

2. The husband of the woman in #145 is a _____________.

3. In addition to Dr. Paul Benoway, who survives a plane crash and time on a life raft?

4. Who raids the Barzan plantation demanding the return of all American goods?

5. What do the Marines in Joe's camp hang over his head?

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