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Short Answer Questions

1. What saves Blaine from being raped?

2. Why is Bukowski incarcerated in Doing Time with Public Enemy No. 1?

3. What does Bukowski think of his friend's suggestion for the United States?

4. What does Duke do at night?

5. What does Mr. Sneed do with the food Mrs. Connors brings him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mr. Sneed view death in A Dollar and 20 Cents?

2. What does the narrator of Goodbye Watson think about literature?

3. How does the boyfriend choose to interpret his girlfriend's insult in Too Sensitive?

4. What does Bukowski think of revolution in contrast to Maxie in A Quiet Conversation Piece?

5. Why does Signo fire Skorski in The Stupid Christs?

6. What kind of relationships does Bukowski form in My Stay in the Poet's Cottage?

7. What does the narrator say he will require of his creative writing students in Goodbye Watson?

8. What is the fan's fault in thinking, according to Bukowski in Great Poets Die in Steaming Pots of Shit?

9. How do pain and violence play a role in Nut Ward East of Hollywood?

10. What does Bukowski say to Vera when she asks him if she is too fat in No Stockings?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Symbolism can be found throughout Tales of Ordinary Madness. Choose two different stories to describe symbols from. What do those symbols you chose represent? How do they contrast in comparison to their surroundings? Make sure you answer each question with evidence and support from the stories.

Essay Topic 2

"An Evil Town" displays many acts of filth or "evil" with one seemingly righteous character seeing it all. Does Frank Evans turn out to be as righteous as he seems? Why or why not? Which act of hypocrisy is the strongest? Make sure you answer each question with evidence and support from the story.

Essay Topic 3

In "I Shot a Man in Reno," runs into several people that cause him to be very self-critical. Why is Bukowski so self-critical? How do his own ideas of himself contrast with the ideas others have of him? Make sure you answer each question with evidence and support from the story.

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