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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Dan's friend in No Stockings?

2. According to the Too Sensitive narrator, what does a woman's clean kitchen mean?

3. In Rape! Rape!, who does Bukowski see upon getting out of the bathroom?

4. What saves Blaine from being raped?

5. According to the narrator in Too Sensitive, what does a man's clean kitchen mean?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the girlfriend insult her boyfriend in Too Sensitive?

2. What does a pest do, according to Bukowski in Notes on the Pest?

3. In Flower Horse, what do the track and gambling represent?

4. What does Carol do for Gordon to help him in Animal Crackers in My Soup?

5. What does the murder of Carol's zoo in Animal Crackers in My Soup represent?

6. What does Bukowski think of revolution in contrast to Maxie in A Quiet Conversation Piece?

7. Describe the character of Frank Evans in An Evil Town.

8. How is the foreman in Love it or Leave it cruel?

9. Describe the moral code of prison in Scenes from the Big Time.

10. What is ironic about Bukowski's observations in A Bad Trip?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Animal Crackers in My Soup" has an abrupt and somewhat unusual conclusion. What happens in the conclusion? What does the baby represent? Why does the story end the way it does? Make sure you answer each question with evidence and support from the story.

Essay Topic 2

"Scenes from the Big Time" and "Nut Ward East of Hollywood" are both two very different stories that still share some similar themes. How do the characters from both stories exhibit animalistic behaviors? Which one is worse? How do you explain their behaviors, and do the characters know how much they exhibit the behavior and actions of animals? Make sure you answer each question with evidence and support from the stories.

Essay Topic 3

"A Dollar and 20 Cents" displays a different side of Bukowski with the character being an old, weary man who is too weak to continue living in the world. Why does he feel he cannot continue in the world, and why does he welcome death? Compare and contrast the old man with the young people he conversed with early on in the story. Make sure you answer each question with evidence and support from the story.

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