Objects & Places from Tales of Ordinary Madness

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An Apartment in Los Angeles

This place is the backdrop of many of the stories of this collection.


This place appears a few times in the story, sometimes because of Bukowski's belligerent drinking.


This object is a homemade knife usually made from a toothbrush or some other scavenged material in prison.


This object is a type of broad-brimmed hat. Mad Jimmy obtains one and is immensely proud of his appearance because of it.

College Campus

This is a place where Charles Bukowski gives readings sometimes.

Horse Track

This place is where Bukowski spends much of his free time, gambling.


This object is a wedding present from Bukowski.

WorldWay Books

This is a company that offers Dan Skorski a job after he quits working at the rubber factory.


This place is a bar and restaurant where Mr. Skorski meets Mr. Signo for the first...

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