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Lesson 1 (from A .45 to Pay the Rent | Doing Time with Public Enemy No. 1)


In Tales or Ordinary Madness, "A .45 to Pay the Rent" and "Doing Time with Public Enemy No. 1" are two different stories about men in some kind of prison--Duke in "A .45 to Pay the Rent" is a convicted criminal who is resentful of the limits he has when not in prison, and Bukowski is an apathetic man who is actually imprisoned for draft-dodging. While in prison, however, Bukowski lives amongst men who make up their own moral code but still seem to have utterly human characteristics, while Duke is technically free but feels more imprisoned by the constraints his former conviction places on him while he tries to support his family. This lesson will focus on the way each character from both stories deals with their own imprisonments, whether literal or figurative.


1). Individual Activity: Create a graphic organizer in the form of a Venn Diagram, comparing...

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