Tales of Ordinary Madness Character Descriptions

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Charles Bukowski - This character is an animalistic man with basic needs. He needs liquor as sustenance.

Henry Chinasky - This character is a writer who works by day in a dead-end job; he also flies to Seattle and reads at two universities in between drinking binges.

Duke - This character is a convicted criminal, thief, husband, and father.

Lala - This character is a young daughter, inquisitive, bright, and devoted to her father.

Nameless Women - These characters appear throughout the collection of short stories, and they play a variety of roles, usually one of two archetypes: beautiful and untouchable, or accessible but fatally flawed.

Sears, Blaine, Ned, Joe - These characters are all inmates who serve time with the narrator in one of the stories. Each of them demonstrates a unique quality that supports the narrator's view that men are largely animals.

Mad Jimmy -...

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