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A .45 to Pay the Rent | Doing Time with Public Enemy No. 1

A .45 to Pay the Rent

• Duke and his 4-year-old daughter Lala shop for groceries.

• Lala is outgoing and asks a lot of questions about the things in the store.

• Duke tries to answer her questions the best that he can and likens the sun to an avocado.

• Lala fills the cart and they go home.

• Pretending that Lala is the mom and Duke is the baby, Duke explains that he must work at night so no one sees him.

• At home, Mag (Duke's wife) scolds him for letting Lala pick groceries and asks him not to go out that night, begging him to get a normal, legal job.

• Duke loses his temper and says that every job is like a crime and he is a 'prisoner to his own criminal record.'

• As Mag reads to Lala...

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