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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Apollodorus think that rich men pity him?

2. In Pausanius' view, who is the father of the youngest goddess of love?

3. How does Pausanius describe the countries of Elis and Boeotia?

4. What is Socrates doing while the other guests are eating dinner at Agathon's house?

5. What effect does Phaedrus think Love has on a coward?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the subject of the speeches at the Symposium decided?

2. In Aristophanes' opinion, what other changes do the gods make to humans, and what is the reason for the changes?

3. What are the different types of the creatures that Aristophanes speaks about?

4. How does Orpheus become an example used by Phaedrus to depict what not to do?

5. What effect does love have on nature and the seasons, as mentioned in the end of Eryximachus' speech?

6. What musical example does Eryximachus use to explain the difference between good and bad relationships?

7. Why is Aristophanes unable to speak after Pausanias as scheduled?

8. How does Phaedrum describe love at the beginning of his speech?

9. What advice does Eryximachus have for Aristophanes before he starts speaking?

10. How is the story of the Symposium introduced and who is responsible for telling it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The main function and purpose of love is explained by Socrates at the end of his speech.

1) Analyze Socrates' theory on love's main purpose and the way he thinks that it can lead humans to immortality.

2) Describe the practice of higher learning that Diotima taught Socrates, how a person can become a philosopher, and the important realization they need to make along the way.

3) Explain Socrates' ideas about pregnancy and the way people are remembered, including the examples that he provides.

4) Describe the "hypothesis of the higher hypothesis" by Socrates and the way it relates to the true power of love.

Essay Topic 2

Eryximachus' speech features a departure in the approach of the topic, love.

1) Describe how Eryximachus takes Aristophanes' place in the order of speeches and why.

2) Explain Erystimachus' scientific approach to love, including the role it has in medicine and health.

3) Analyze the major differences in the speeches that took place before Eryximachus' speech and the one that he delivers.

Essay Topic 3

Apollodorus introduces an interesting notion about the way philosophers and rich people view each other.

1) Describe Apollodorus' general opinion of people and how he got his nickname.

2) Explain why he pities rich men and the reasons why he thinks they also pity him.

3) Analyze how the story might be affected be being told by someone with Apollodorus' views on life.

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