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Short Answer Questions

1. What effect does Phaedrus think Love has on a coward?

2. When does Agathon's sacrifice of victory take place?

3. What is one of the points that Eryximachus makes with Urania's story?

4. Who is Apollodorus talking with at the beginning of Symposium?

5. As used in Eryximachus' speech, what does the word "licentiousness" mean?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Socrates when Aristodemus arrives at Agathon's house?

2. How does Phaedrus use Alcestis' story as an example in his speech?

3. What is the purpose of love, according to Eryximachus?

4. Why does Phaedrus include the story of Achilles in his speech?

5. How does Socrates first appear when he is introduced in the Symposium?

6. How is music used by Eryximachus as a metaphor for love?

7. What approach does Eryximachus take when speaking about love and how does it differ from the previous speeches?

8. What is the description of the creature that Aristophanes gives at the beginning of his speech?

9. How does Orpheus become an example used by Phaedrus to depict what not to do?

10. As Eryximachus explains, what is the role of a doctor in healing a patient?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the different speeches given at the Symposium.

1) Analyze the similarities between Socrates' speech and Eryximachus' speech as well as what the main difference was between the two.

2) Explain which speeches had the most differences and why.

3) Describe the speech or speeches that you think made the most sense and/or contained the most important information.

Essay Topic 2

Apollodorus introduces an interesting notion about the way philosophers and rich people view each other.

1) Describe Apollodorus' general opinion of people and how he got his nickname.

2) Explain why he pities rich men and the reasons why he thinks they also pity him.

3) Analyze how the story might be affected be being told by someone with Apollodorus' views on life.

Essay Topic 3

After a brief argument with Socrates, Agathon gives his speech.

1) Explain how Agathon disagrees with Phaedrus.

2) Describe what the characteristics of love are, according to Agathon.

3) Explain how Agathon's reputation for being a playwright might have influenced his thoughts and views about love.

4) Describe the effect that love can have on people as they are given in Agathon's speech.

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