Sweetbitter Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stephanie Danler
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• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Danler, Stephanie. Sweetbitter. Alfred A. Knopf, 2016. 1st ed.

• This novel’s four sections are divided into the four seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

• The narrator’s name, Tess, is not revealed until later in the novel; however, this lesson plan will refer to her as Tess throughout.

• The name of the downtown Manhattan restaurant where Tess works is not provided, this lesson plan will refer to it as the restaurant.

• This story is written in past tense from a first person point of view and often mixes events with memories, imaginative daydreams, and food lessons.

• Quotations from Eros the Bittersweet and The Physiology of Taste appear before the first part begins.

• Part One, Chapter One, Summer, introduces the first lesson, PALATE: more than just eating; it is a way of developing a language...

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