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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What system does Woodrue take over that allows him to control doors, etc.?
(a) The radial heating system.
(b) The medical system.
(c) The plumbing system.
(d) The building's computer system.

2. Who disallows Woodrue from pursuing further research?
(a) The old man.
(b) Abby Arcane.
(c) Alec Holland.
(d) Swamp Thing.

3. What do three young men decide to do out on the bayou?
(a) Take a swim.
(b) Rescue their lost sister.
(c) Wrestle a gator.
(d) Take a joyride.

4. What happens when a townsperson in Book Three strikes a match after the Floronic Man puts the town's plants in a "hyperoxygenated" state?
(a) The town travels to the moon.
(b) The town sinks beneath the swamp.
(c) The town erupts in flame.
(d) The match is snuffed out because of the rain.

5. Where is Jason Woodrue when he wonders about the "old man?"
(a) Seattle.
(b) New Orleans.
(c) Washington D.C.
(d) Montana.

6. How does Woodrue actually look when not in disguise?
(a) Wheat grains and barley.
(b) A red bark creature.
(c) A yellow bark and leaf covered creature.
(d) Like a weeping willow.

7. What is one consequence of Moore's comic book horror?
(a) Swamp Thing exists in the same universe as Superman and Batman.
(b) The Justice League doesn't exist.
(c) Superheroes are reduced to comical archetypes.
(d) Swamp Thing becomes a villain in the DC universe.

8. What kind of apocalypse is pronounced to be coming from the hands of the Floronic Man?
(a) The "green apocalypse."
(b) The "swamp apocalypse."
(c) The "red apocalypse."
(d) The "zombie apocalypse."

9. What does Swamp Thing do just in time after waking up from his dream state in Book Three?
(a) Save Abby Arcane.
(b) Regenerate.
(c) Save some snakes in the swamp.
(d) Catch the sunset.

10. Where is Swamp Thing when the old man takes a peek at him?
(a) The center tech room.
(b) The airgas chamber.
(c) The cryochamber.
(d) The hydroponic chamber.

11. Which Edgar Allen Poe short story is Book One clearly modeled after?
(a) "The Raven."
(b) "The Sycamore."
(c) "The Harem and Prince."
(d) "The Tell-Tale Heart."

12. What does fictional horror usually depend upon according to Campbell?
(a) Elevated diction.
(b) Men in tights to save the day.
(c) A carefully contained and controlled environment.
(d) Heartwarming relationships.

13. How does Swamp Thing react to reading the file?
(a) He enters a psychotic rage.
(b) Dies.
(c) Leaves in a neutral state.
(d) Regenerates again.

14. What was Swamp Thing, originally?
(a) Half-vegetable, half-sheep.
(b) Half-food, half-element.
(c) Half-man, half-vegetable.
(d) Half-man, half-alien.

15. What did Alan Moore do differently with Swamp Thing from Campbell's viewpoint?
(a) He meditated upon two new heroes.
(b) He rewrote the origin.
(c) He created a different setting.
(d) He discussed philosophy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What comparison is drawn by Woodrue concerning consciousness and wise men?

2. What is Woodrue made of?

3. How does Campbell suggest a good writer use the DC universe to his or her advantage?

4. At what kind of rate does the Floronic Man cause the plants to produce oxygen in the young boy's town during the recording?

5. What does Swamp Thing discover in Book Two that distresses him?

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