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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What system does Woodrue take over that allows him to control doors, etc.?
(a) The plumbing system.
(b) The medical system.
(c) The building's computer system.
(d) The radial heating system.

2. How is Woodrue envious of Swamp Thing?
(a) He envies Swamp Thing's strength.
(b) He envies Swamp Thing's friends.
(c) He envies Swamp Thing's serenity.
(d) He envies Swamp Thing's compassion.

3. What is wrong with Swamp Thing's memories during his dream sequences in Book Three?
(a) They are fragmented.
(b) He doesn't remember anything.
(c) They are in black and white.
(d) They are too vivid.

4. How do Swamp Thing's fingers extend?
(a) With mechanical triggers.
(b) At the push of a button.
(c) Like vines.
(d) Like webs.

5. How could Swamp Thing's problem be classified?
(a) As psychological.
(b) As biological.
(c) As militant.
(d) As spiritual.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Edgar Allen Poe short story is Book One clearly modeled after?

2. When did comics undergo the paradigm shift mentioned by Campbell?

3. What does Campbell say the original character of Swamp Thing re-emerges as?

4. What does Swamp Thing compare Floronic Man's character to in Book Three?

5. Who disallows Woodrue from pursuing further research?

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