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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Campbell suggest a good writer use the DC universe to his or her advantage?
(a) If the writer avoids having any of the DC characters meet.
(b) If the writer has all the DC characters always meet.
(c) If the writer has the Justice League disbanded.
(d) If the writer avoids cliches and pitfalls.

2. How does Campbell describe the types of new themes that were discussed?
(a) Philosophical conundrums.
(b) Darker, edgier themes.
(c) Cynical politics.
(d) Softer, more abstract ideas.

3. How does Swamp Thing react to reading the file?
(a) Leaves in a neutral state.
(b) He enters a psychotic rage.
(c) Dies.
(d) Regenerates again.

4. What sort of parallel storylines does Book Three set up?
(a) An epic five part story.
(b) A quickly finished set of storylines.
(c) A meandering set of storylines.
(d) A race of parallel storylines with a time constraint.

5. What was the original story of Swamp Thing about?
(a) Mrs. Holland and Abby Arcane.
(b) Alec Holland and his cousin.
(c) Alec Holland and Abby Arcane.
(d) Alec Holland and his wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Woodrue actually look when not in disguise?

2. What is the weather like during the murder of the old man?

3. Who does Swamp Thing blame for taking away his humanity?

4. Where is Swamp Thing when he remembers Alec's wedding?

5. Where is Jason Woodrue when he wonders about the "old man?"

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