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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Campbell make a case for concerning Alan Moore's Swamp Thing?
(a) That the comic book medium is better than poetry.
(b) That the comic book medium can't be rescued.
(c) That the comic book medium is a legitimate art form.
(d) That the comic book genre is too trite.

2. What is Swamp Thing truly?
(a) A golem, purely plant.
(b) Half-wood, half-plant.
(c) Half-fruit, half-heart.
(d) Half-bone, half-meat.

3. Who was Swamp Thing's original nemesis?
(a) The evil princess Nefirtiti.
(b) The Finicky Trickster.
(c) The evil techno-sorcerer Anton Arcane.
(d) The evil wizard Mal Intent.

4. Why does Moore think fictional horror is popular?
(a) Real-life horrors become worse.
(b) Horror has a propensity to make people smile.
(c) Real-life horrors are numbed by fake horrors.
(d) Fake horrors are funny.

5. What did Alan Moore do differently with Swamp Thing from Campbell's viewpoint?
(a) He discussed philosophy.
(b) He created a different setting.
(c) He rewrote the origin.
(d) He meditated upon two new heroes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Campbell say the original character of Swamp Thing re-emerges as?

2. How does Campbell describe the types of new themes that were discussed?

3. How does the coloring change in Swamp Thing's dream sequences during Book Two?

4. What was Swamp Thing, originally?

5. Who is Swamp Thing battling against for his humanity?

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