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Alec Holland's Bio-Restorative Formula - This object was made to regenerate damaged plant tissue.

Woodrue's Research File on Swamp Thing - This object explains that the main character absorbed consciousness from a human and incites the main character to go mad.

Flexi-Flesh - A main antagonist uses this object to apply realistic flesh to his otherwise plant-like body.

Swamp Thing's Tuber - This object grows from the main character and is consumed by another character.

Evangeline - This word is used by an old man in Lacroix as a term of endearment for his trusty chainsaw.

Ouija Board - This object is used to spell out the words of demons.

Elysium Lawns Center for Autistic Children - This is where one character is hired to work and where sleeping patients are preyed upon.

The Monkey King - This thing feeds upon the darkest fears of its...

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