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Objective: In the Foreword by Ramsey Campbell, Campbell makes the case that Swamp Thing is accomplished horror fiction. The objective of this lesson plan will be to discuss what qualities good horror fiction must have and how the author, Alan Moore, applies these standards to Swamp Thing.

1) Partner Discussion: What attributes does Campbell ascribe to Moore's work? What examples from Swamp Thing does Campbell use to support his position? Does your partner agree with Campbell? Why or why not? Can other contemporary horror fiction be held to Campbell's standard?

2) Class Discussion: When have you felt you were reading well-written horror fiction? What standards does Campbell use to define excellent writing? Can you discern any other characteristics of Moore's work that are well-done? What other examples could be provided from Swamp Thing that demonstrate Moore's quality of writing?

3) Writing Assignment: Write a paragraph that analyzes your classmates' response...

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