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Horror of Your Own Creation

Create symbols that depict horror iconography in at least three different forms. Draw upon the context of horror iconography in the late 1980s or early 2000s.

Paradigm Problems

Using the paradigm shift in comics of the late 1960s as context, write a dark plot that is overtly melodramatic and grandly horrific. Compare and contrast your work with the poorly written comics of the 1960s and identify how the works could be improved.

Conflict in the DC!

Write a short story that presents a conflict due to the inclusion of so many unique heroes and villains in the DC Universe. Be sure to include Swamp Thing!

The Next Big Swamp Thing

Pair up with a partner and collaborate on the next issue of Swamp Thing. Work on the plot and the images with your partner. Then, decide which partner will write and which will...

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