Swamp Thing Character Descriptions

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Swamp Thing - This character is simple and virtuous and intent upon defending humanity.

Jason Woodrue/ the Floronic Man - This character was a brilliant botanist and is the doppelganger of the main protagonist.

Abigail Arcane - This character is a paranoid schizophrenic and the niece of a sorcerer.

Matt Cable - This character is a private investigator and an alcoholic.

The Old Man - This character is unnamed and is the antagonist of another character in Book One.

William Anslinger - This character resides in Lacroix, Louisiana, and loses his family in a massacre.

Linda Holland - This character's death fuels another character's rage and desire to make the world right.

The Justice League of America - This group tries to protect the earth from various calamities.

Jason Blood/Etrigan - This character is an unnerving human sorcerer and makes a pact with a demon...

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