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Foreword by Ramsey Campbell, and Introduction by Alan Moore

• In the Foreword, Ramsey Campbell describes the paradigm shift of comics in the late sixties. He claims deeper, darker themes were discussed, notions that didn't abide by the stricter Comics Code from the earlier part of the century.

• However, though it was good that stories became well versed in tragedy and the darker side of human nature, Campbell admits they were still poorly written.

• Yet, Alan Moore is a special case for Campbell. Moore seems prone to writing good dialogue with clear, succinct story lines. His work with Swamp Thing demonstrates to Campbell how he was able to show the "darker" side of Swamp Thing, while still making the story interesting and well-written.

• Campbell, in the foreword, explains how Swamp Thing's character was deconstructed by Alan Moore and the origin's story was rewritten.

• According to Campbell, Moore is able...

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