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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What delights Nicky that the three do later that day?
(a) Feeding the ducks at the park.
(b) Going down the big slide into the kiddie pond.
(c) Swimming in the kid's fountain at the park.
(d) Riding the carousel.

2. What does Matt say about Suzanne's driving in general?
(a) She was not good at judging distances.
(b) She drove a little fast.
(c) She could get distracted.
(d) She was always a careful driver.

3. Who does Katie finally call?
(a) Her parents.
(b) Her sister.
(c) Suzanne.
(d) Matt's mother.

4. What had Matt's coworkers and friends done?
(a) Remodeled the kitchen.
(b) Repainted the outside of the house.
(c) Repainted the living spaces.
(d) Made an addition to the house.

5. How does she think of Matt while going to the island?
(a) As a tragic figure in a play.
(b) As a glass ball.
(c) As a strong man who is weak for now.
(d) As a tree that is bent with the weight of tragedy for the moment.

6. What had Matt shared about his past that was so traumatic?
(a) He talked about being bullied at school as a young child.
(b) He talked about his sister being killed in an accident.
(c) He talked about his father dying.
(d) He never said.

7. What does Merlin do as Katie finishes the diary and cries?
(a) Comes and lays his head in her lap.
(b) Whines.
(c) Leaves the room.
(d) Crawls under the bed.

8. What does Suzanne's cardiologist tell her?
(a) She is in good shape.
(b) One artery has a weak wall area.
(c) One valve is problematic.
(d) She has two weak valves.

9. What does Katie know about her parents?
(a) They are very much against abortion.
(b) They will always support her.
(c) They have always made their children assume responsiblity for their actions.
(d) They believe she should not be a single mother.

10. What does Matt have happen inside the church at the end of the ceremony?
(a) Matt receives a phone call from his brother in Katmandu to congratulate them.
(b) A blizzard of feathers falling from the ceiling.
(c) A group of his best friends sing.
(d) Matt has a blizzard of paper confetti to fall from the ceiling.

11. What antique does Matt give Suzanne?
(a) An emerald ring.
(b) A sapphire bracelet.
(c) A set of silver combs.
(d) A sapphire locket.

12. Who does Nicky look at the entire time during his baptism?
(a) Monsignor Dwyer.
(b) Matt.
(c) Suzanne.
(d) Sister Amelia.

13. What question does Katie wonder?
(a) Where Suzanne is.
(b) How Matt got ahold of Suzanne's diary.
(c) Why Matt wanted her to read this.
(d) Why Suzanne wrote about Nicky.

14. What milestone comes?
(a) Suzanne's birthday.
(b) Matt's birthday.
(c) Matt's mother's birthday.
(d) Nicky's first birthday.

15. What does Matt think of when he is looking at Nicky's rocking horse?
(a) The love that went into making the horse.
(b) That he never painted the horse.
(c) The Flying Horses carousel.
(d) How Nicky would laugh as he rocked on the horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Matt say Suzanne was on her way to do?

2. Who is Suzanne riding in Matt's imagination as he and Nicky are chasing after her?

3. What does Suzanne do as she is getting stronger?

4. What is one thing Suzanne says about Nicky when he goes for his check-up?

5. What is taped to the last page of the diary?

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