Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Katie doing at the opening of the novel?

Katie is sitting in the tub in her New York apartment as "Suzanne's Diary to Nicholas" begins. Katie is holding a leather bound diary.

2. Who is with Katie and what are they doing?

Katie's cat, Guinevere, and her dog, Merlin, are with her. They are watching her as if they are afraid for her.

3. What does Katie imagine about Suzanne and Matt as she is sobbing?

As Katie is sobbing as she thinks about Suzanne, the writer of the diary. She can imagine her in her cottage by the ocean. Suzanne and her baby, Nicholas. Suzanne and her husband, Matt. Matt, Katie's former lover.

4. What had Katie done on July 19th, and what had she received the same day?

On July 19th, Katie had taken a ferry to retrace a ride with Matt. When she had returned from the ferry ride, the diary is sitting on her doorstep.

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