Survival in Auschwitz Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How and where was Levi captured?

Levi was captured by the Fascist Militia on December 13, 1943. He was 24, and he had fled into the mountains to become part of a partisan band affiliated with the resistance movement. Three Fascist Militia companies went out one night and broke into his refuge. Levi was taken down to the valley as a suspect person.

2. Who was old Gattegno and his family?

Old Gattegno and the men of his family were carpenters. They had come from Tripoli and carried with them the tools of their trade, their kitchen utensils, and their accordions and violins to play and dance to after a day's work.

3. How did Levi describe the journey on the train to Poland?

Everyone was boarded onto the transport trains. Men, women, and children were crowded together like cheap merchandise. Though they were loaded early in the day, the train did not move until evening. The train traveled slowly, with long, unnerving halts. Through a slit they could see the countryside as they passed. They suffered from thirst and cold. Everyone was hungry and exhausted as well.

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