Daily Lessons for Teaching Survival in Auschwitz

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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 2)


Primo Levi was the author of "Survival in Auschwitz." The aim of this lesson is to discuss Levi's life and writing.


Class discussion: When did Levi first begin writing? What did he write and what was his topic? Where did Levi begin working in 1946? How did this job influence his opportunities to write? What was his practice of writing when he was writing "Survival in Auschwitz"? How long did it take him to write? How did he get his book published? What was Levi's job in 1947? How did those experiences affect his writing? How long did it take Levi to begin writing another book? What other types of writing did Levi do? Why did Levi go into semi-retirement in 1974? How did that affect his writing? What honor did Levi receive in 2006 for one of his works? When did Levi begin writing full time?

Activity: Create...

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