Survival in Auschwitz Character Descriptions

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Primo Levi

This person was prisoner number 174517 and was an Italian Jew.

Old Gattegno

This person was a carpenter from Tripoli.


This person translated for the prisoners and had a large scar on his face.


This person was an ex-sergeant from the Austro-Hungarian army who earned an Iron Cross and insisted that hygiene was necessary for dignity and propriety.

Null Achtzehn

This person was very young and seemed to have lost his humanity; he was known not by a name, but by the last three figures of his entry number.


This person was a 22-year-old Italian who viewed the camp as a war and used survival skills well; he and another Italian became friends.


This person was an engineer who tended the corns and wounded feet of fellow prisoners.


This person was a red-haired Pole who had lived in France for 20 years.


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