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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the strong wind bring, which is strange to the town?

2. What is the word Sula uses to describe Shadrack's house?

3. Who does Nel strike up a friendship with?

4. Who goes to war in 1917 and is never the same after he returns?

5. Where does Helene move to?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Eva call the three children she's rescued from the street by one name?

2. How did the people of the neighborhood named in #1 come to live there?

3. What are Sula and Nel's ideas about where Sula should stay?

4. Describe Sula and Nel in terms of their physical features and temperaments.

5. What is happening to Sula when Nel finally visits her for the first time in three years?

6. Why do many people attend Sula's funeral?

7. When the retirement home is renovated, what does this mean?

8. What does Hannah dream of after she cleans the beans for dinner and sees the Deweys with their laces tied together?

9. What does Nel do because she is so upset about her interaction with Eva?

10. What is Shadrack given when he leaves the hospital after his year long stay?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While Nel and Sula are complete opposites, they still become fast friends. Why do you think this happens? What does Nel admire in Sula? What does Sula admire in Nel? Why are they seen as one person after a while? What is the point of their friendship in relation to the rest of the story? Does this seem to indicate that opposites make good friends? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

BoyBoy is one of the few male characters in this story. What is the role of the men in this story? What does this day about Morrison's views of female power and influence? What weaknesses does Morrison expose in the male gender? What advantages does female dominance seem to offer to the story? What are the downfalls of being a women in 'Sula'?

Essay Topic 3

Eva is constantly taking in new people into her home, but what are her motivations for doing so? What does she say her motivations are? What do you think she really wants from these people? How do her actions in taking people in affect those boarders? Are there any success stories of the people who have lived in her home?

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