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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who walks through the town to visit people at the nursing home?
(a) Pearl
(b) Hannah
(c) Nel
(d) Eva

2. Who is ringing the bell as the tunnel collapses?
(a) Shadrack
(b) Eva
(c) Tar Baby
(d) Nel

3. Who does Sula help in the wedding planning?
(a) Nel
(b) Eva
(c) Jude
(d) Mrs. Wright

4. What kind of prescription does Sula need?
(a) Mood elevators
(b) Pain killers
(c) Antibiotics
(d) anti-inflammatories

5. Where is work promised for the people of the town?
(a) On the docks
(b) On the new tunnel
(c) At the boardwalk
(d) At the railroad

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Nel marry?

2. What job does the groom really want?

3. What does Nel practice asking when she goes to visit Sula?

4. Where is Nel working?

5. Sula and Nel have always been known to be as ________.

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