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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why would the person in #107 have watched?
(a) They were odd like that
(b) She wanted to help
(c) She was interested
(d) He was responsible

2. What does Eva see as she looks out the window after getting the comb?
(a) Sula choking the Deweys
(b) Nel running up to the house
(c) A storm cloud
(d) Hannah burning

3. What place is this grandmother trying to keep the woman away from?
(a) Blessed Place
(b) Sunset Home
(c) Sundown House
(d) Runaround Bar

4. How far is Shadrack driven in order to get back home?
(a) He isn't driven anywhere
(b) 1 mile
(c) 22 miles
(d) 10 miles

5. What frustrates Shadrack so much that he begins to cry?
(a) His boots
(b) His papers
(c) His money
(d) His friend

6. What do people assume as Shadrack is walking down the road?
(a) He is in charge
(b) He is begging
(c) He is drunk
(d) He is a visitor

7. What is the name of the child who becomes constipated?
(a) Pearl
(b) Plum
(c) Hannah
(d) Helene

8. Eva enjoys male callers for gossiping and _________.
(a) Chess
(b) Love
(c) Checkers
(d) Books

9. What does Eva accidentally sip?
(a) A drug tincture
(b) Medicine water
(c) Blood tainted water
(d) Bourbon

10. Who does Eva give 10 dollars to when she picks up her kids?
(a) Plum
(b) Sula
(c) Mrs. Suggs
(d) Pearl

11. What is the word Sula uses to describe Shadrack's house?
(a) Normal
(b) Scary
(c) Huge
(d) Messy

12. What does the neighbor dump onto Hannah?
(a) A cup of lemonade
(b) A vat of gravy
(c) A tub of tomatoes and water
(d) A bucket of ice

13. The land is so beautiful that the people often wondered if the farmer was not __________.
(a) Deceived
(b) Lying
(c) Missing out
(d) Right

14. Who was Eva's husband?
(a) Julian
(b) Trevor
(c) BoyBoy
(d) Jude

15. Why is Helene nervous about traveling?
(a) She doesn't want to travel alone
(b) She has never left home
(c) She doesn't like trains
(d) She is afraid of the water

Short Answer Questions

1. What begins to grow when Shadrack realizes where he is?

2. How much money is Shadrack given after his release?

3. What does Sula threaten the boys with?

4. Who goes to war in 1917 and is never the same after he returns?

5. What is the background of the boys who threaten Nel?

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