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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1965.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who could be described as proper and classy?
(a) Jude
(b) Helene
(c) Eva
(d) Julian

2. Who does Sula have a dream about after Nel leaves?
(a) Chicken Little
(b) Eva
(c) Baking Powder Lady
(d) A woman in a red dress

3. The farmer told the slaves that the ______ were the best part of the land.
(a) Mountains
(b) Valley
(c) Edges
(d) Hills

4. What does Hannah discover about the answer to #69?
(a) He is gay
(b) He was dishonorably discharged
(c) He never went to battle
(d) He is using drugs

5. What does Eva accidentally sip?
(a) A drug tincture
(b) Medicine water
(c) Blood tainted water
(d) Bourbon

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is beginning to be beaten again?

2. What is Eva Peace's relation to Sula?

3. What holiday begins at the start of January in the town?

4. Who does Sula have an affair with?

5. What is the town being destroyed to make room for?

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