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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1965.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Eva credit with saving her life?
(a) Sula
(b) Hannah
(c) An orderly
(d) Nel

2. Who works as a ship's cook?
(a) Sula
(b) Helene
(c) Wiley Wright
(d) Nel

3. What is the name of the ice cream parlor the girls frequent?
(a) Emma Lee's Ice Cream Parlor
(b) Edna Finch's Mellow House
(c) Edna May's Mighty Mellow Mart
(d) Ellie's Soda and Ice Cream Shop

4. Who promised freedom to the slaves?
(a) A white farmer
(b) Eva
(c) BoyBoy
(d) Sula

5. What is the newest theme of Sula and Nel's interest?
(a) Soda
(b) Ice cream
(c) Makeup
(d) Men

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is beginning to be beaten again?

2. How long was Shadrack in the hospital when he was?

3. How many children does Eva have?

4. This neighborhood of the town started off as a "________."

5. Who does Eva give 10 dollars to when she picks up her kids?

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