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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1922.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Shadrack has his first encounter with the enemy, he feels the bite of the ________ in his boot.
(a) Snake
(b) Nail
(c) Gun
(d) Blood

2. What place is this grandmother trying to keep the woman away from?
(a) Sunset Home
(b) Sundown House
(c) Blessed Place
(d) Runaround Bar

3. Eva enjoys male callers for gossiping and _________.
(a) Books
(b) Love
(c) Chess
(d) Checkers

4. Who shows up and is pressured into marrying Helene?
(a) Wiley Wright
(b) BoyBoy
(c) Julian
(d) Jude

5. What word does Nel want Helene to translate for her?
(a) Vonir
(b) Volor
(c) Voir
(d) Voulez

Short Answer Questions

1. The idea behind this town is that there is ________ on the outside, but _______ on the inside.

2. How much money is Shadrack given after his release?

3. What did the farmer compare the land to?

4. How far is Shadrack driven in order to get back home?

5. When was Shadrack in the war?

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