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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1921.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hannah discover about the answer to #69?
(a) He is using drugs
(b) He is gay
(c) He was dishonorably discharged
(d) He never went to battle

2. What does this grandmother want to prevent?
(a) A bad marriage
(b) A lost life
(c) An abortion
(d) Helene's mother's wild blood

3. The slaves did the work and then asked for the "_________."
(a) Money
(b) Contract
(c) Reward
(d) Payment

4. In whose house does Sula live?
(a) Her grandmother's
(b) Her father's
(c) Her uncle's
(d) Her sister's

5. What kind of work would it take to make the land productive?
(a) Backbreaking
(b) Slave
(c) Mechanical
(d) None at all

Short Answer Questions

1. When Shadrack has his first encounter with the enemy, he feels the bite of the ________ in his boot.

2. Eva rescues three children from the street, but what does she call them all?

3. The land is so beautiful that the people often wondered if the farmer was not __________.

4. What is the town being destroyed to make room for?

5. What did the slaves do when they heard about the fertile land?

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