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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1927.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sula and Nel have always been known to be as ________.
(a) Twins
(b) Sisters
(c) One
(d) Lovers

2. What is strange about Eva's comb?
(a) It is a different color
(b) It is bent
(c) Eva can not find it at first
(d) It is broken

3. What does Hannah discover about the answer to #69?
(a) He never went to battle
(b) He is gay
(c) He is using drugs
(d) He was dishonorably discharged

4. Why would the person in #107 have watched?
(a) She wanted to help
(b) They were odd like that
(c) She was interested
(d) He was responsible

5. What is the result of Shadrack's panic after the incident in #27?
(a) He is beaten up
(b) He is put into a straightjacket
(c) He is ignored
(d) He is arrested

Short Answer Questions

1. What place is this grandmother trying to keep the woman away from?

2. Who shows up and is pressured into marrying Helene?

3. Who works as a ship's cook?

4. What is the year this holiday begins?

5. Who sees the trip as a way to begin being an individual?

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