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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1939.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the problem with the answer to #103?
(a) It creates steam and sears her
(b) Nothing
(c) It burns Hannah
(d) It is too cold

2. What does Hannah have a dream of?
(a) A wedding with a black dress
(b) A funeral with an open casket
(c) A wedding in a red gown
(d) A parade of people in green

3. What does Sula fret over?
(a) The Deweys
(b) Eva's behavior
(c) The newlyweds living at the house
(d) The loss of Nel

4. Whose house is classy, proper, and clean?
(a) Sula's
(b) Nel's
(c) Eva's
(d) Anna's

5. Whose grandmother is trying to keep her away from a certain place?
(a) Eva's
(b) Helene's
(c) Nel's
(d) Sula's

Short Answer Questions

1. What does this grandmother want to prevent?

2. Why would the person in #107 have watched?

3. What is one of the rumors about the answer to #133?

4. What does Hannah take to her mother?

5. Who is the boy who comes to Sula's door to ask for bottles?

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