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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1939.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is so special about the item in #97?
(a) It is about Eva
(b) It is fresh made
(c) It was crafted by Hannah
(d) No whites for luck

2. What is the real name of the man that visits Sula?
(a) Terrence
(b) A. Jacks
(c) Wright
(d) Jeremy

3. Whose was an honorable death, according to Eva?
(a) Plum's
(b) Shadrack's
(c) BoyBoy's
(d) Chicken Little's

4. Who witnessed the horrific burning?
(a) Nel
(b) Sula
(c) The Deweys
(d) Shadrack

5. Who does Shadrack tip his hat to?
(a) Nel
(b) Sula
(c) Hannah
(d) Eva

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sees the trip as a way to begin being an individual?

2. Where does Sula's visitor (as named in #139) head to when he leaves?

3. Who has been arrested for causing an accident, according to Sula's visitor from #139?

4. What does Sula fret over?

5. What is something people do NOT notice about Sula that makes her different?

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