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* The neighborhood of Bottom is being destroyed to make room for a golf course * This is the part of town where the Negroes lived. * This land was given to the slaves by a farmer when they were freed.


* National Suicide Day is on January 3, 1920. * Shadrack returns home from war not knowing what to do with himself. * Shadrack is in the hospital and is having troubles with his sanity. * Shadrack is set 'free' from the hospital because they need the bed. * Shadrack is arrested along the way as he appears to be intoxicated because of the weakness that results from his long hospital stay. * The sheriff gets a farmer to drive Shadrack to his home in Bottom. * Shadrack comes up with the idea for National Suicide Day, though the rest of the town ignores it.


* Helene's grandmother wants her to stay away from the Sundown House. * Helene is...

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