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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Kaplan believe is the cause of the troubles with the world?
(a) God's wrath.
(b) Natural disasters.
(c) Unkind people.
(d) Economic and social policy.

2. How does Rose change the subject with Sam?
(a) By telling him she is moving to the country.
(b) By telling him that someone wants to put her on stage.
(c) By telling him she does not like him.
(d) By telling him she is going back home.

3. How does Mrs. Maurrant respond when her daughter implies that Mr. Maurrant may be more kind, if her mother would not have a relationship with someone outside this marriage?
(a) She agrees with Rose.
(b) She tells Rose that she cannot believe that she is acting like the others. She thought Rose would be the one person who would understand.
(c) She knows Rose and the neighbors are right.
(d) She is surprised that Rose is so observant.

4. What does Mrs. Maurrant do after she motions Mr. Sankey over to the window?
(a) She runs back into her apartment.
(b) She tells him to go home to his wife.
(c) She gives him a kiss.
(d) Invites him upstairs.

5. What does Mrs. Maurrant tell her daughter she needs in her life?
(a) More money.
(b) More time to herself.
(c) Something that brings her joy.
(d) A miracle.

6. Why does Rose ask Sam if there is a certain way she should act in a synagogue?
(a) The funeral that she will be attending today takes place in a synagogue.
(b) She is curious about his faith.
(c) She is thinking about converting to Judaism.
(d) She is going to a Jewish wedding.

7. What happens after Mrs. Maurrant is heard yelling her husband's name?
(a) The window glass breaks.
(b) Mr. Maurrant yells at Mr. Sankey.
(c) Mr. Sankey tries to jump out the window.
(d) Two gunshots are heard.

8. Why is Shirley angered at Rose's comment?
(a) She does not believe Rose.
(b) She does not trust Rose.
(c) She thinks Rose is trying to embarrass her.
(d) She misinterprets it as Sam and Rose both feeling sorry for her.

9. What does Fred tell the crowd?
(a) The shots were a false alarm.
(b) A man has shot his wife and another man.
(c) Two men are dead in this apartment.
(d) Mrs. Maurrant and another woman are dead.

10. Why is Mrs. Maurrant tired?
(a) She has been helping Mrs. Buchanan nearly all night.
(b) She did not sleep well.
(c) She has been at work all night.
(d) She has had to deal with her moody husband.

11. What are the rest of the characters doing at the beginning of this scene?
(a) Beginning their day.
(b) Still sleeping.
(c) Going to bed.
(d) Coming in from work.

12. What is noticeable about Mr. Jones, the next morning?
(a) He is up early.
(b) He is in a bad mood.
(c) He is drunk.
(d) He is headed to work.

13. What was done with Sam's mother's body?
(a) She was buried.
(b) She was buried in her native Jerusalem.
(c) She was cremated.
(d) She cremated, and her ashes were spread out at sea.

14. Where does Mr. Easter suggest they go after the funeral?
(a) To dinner.
(b) A movie.
(c) The beach.
(d) Into the city.

15. What does Fred yell at the crowd?
(a) To back away.
(b) Mr. Maurrant is about to run out of the building.
(c) To get help.
(d) To go back home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rose ask Mr. Kaplan will happen, despite the removal of capitalism?

2. What forms in front of the building?

3. What does Sam do when Rose suggests running away?

4. About what does Shirley want to tell Rose?

5. Why do James Henry, a city marshal, and his assistant, Fred Cullen, stop in front of the building?

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