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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Maurrant do as he leaves for work?
(a) He instructs his wife in her duties for the day.
(b) He harasses his wife and accuses her of letting other men visit her.
(c) He storms out of the building without talking to anyone.
(d) He greets everyone in the apartment.

2. What does the policeman not want anyone to do?
(a) Go into the Maurrant's apartment.
(b) Wait for Mr. Maurrant to return.
(c) Stay outside.
(d) Leave or enter the building.

3. What does Fred find when he arrives?
(a) A dead man.
(b) Two dead women.
(c) A dead woman.
(d) Two dead men.

4. How can the audience see some of the activities of the apartment residents?
(a) They are performing their activities on the stoop.
(b) The set opens up.
(c) Small set are pulled to the front of the stage.
(d) Through their windows.

5. What does Mr. Maurrant look like as he emerges from the building?
(a) Unsure of what has just happened.
(b) His clothes are ripped and he is covered with blood.
(c) Surprised to see everyone standing there.
(d) Shocked.

6. What does Sam think about God?
(a) God is unkind.
(b) God is just a superstition.
(c) God is the God of Israel and no one else.
(d) God has forgotten him.

7. What is Sam repeatedly trying to find out?
(a) Whether or not Mrs. Maurrant is still alive.
(b) If Rose was in the apartment.
(c) If Mr. Sankey was in the apartment.
(d) Where Willie is.

8. Why does Mr. Maurrant stop telling Sam why he is not going to Stanford for work?
(a) He sees his wife and Mr. Sankey walking down the street.
(b) When he realizes that the shades are drawn to his apartment.
(c) He loses his train of thought.
(d) He sees Rose walking down the street.

9. What does Fred yell at the crowd?
(a) To go back home.
(b) To back away.
(c) Mr. Maurrant is about to run out of the building.
(d) To get help.

10. Why is Rose surprised when Shirley tells her that it will be several years before Sam is ready to care for a family?
(a) She does not like Sam.
(b) She will wait for Sam.
(c) She is disappointed.
(d) She is just good friends with Sam.

11. What does Mrs. Maurrant have in a paper bag?
(a) The chicken.
(b) A bottle of wine.
(c) A present for Mrs. Buchanan.
(d) Candy for her children.

12. What happens after Mrs. Maurrant is heard yelling her husband's name?
(a) Mr. Sankey tries to jump out the window.
(b) Two gunshots are heard.
(c) The window glass breaks.
(d) Mr. Maurrant yells at Mr. Sankey.

13. What does Mr. Kaplan say about all the young people?
(a) They are naive.
(b) They need to go to school.
(c) They are so unhappy.
(d) They too serious.

14. What forms in front of the building?
(a) A bunch of tourists.
(b) A pool of blood.
(c) A line of police officers.
(d) A crowd.

15. How does Shirley hurt Rose's feelings?
(a) Shirley tells Rose she is not smart enough for Sam.
(b) Sam only likes her because there is no one else.
(c) Sam will soon forget her.
(d) Shirley tells her that Sam only sees a pretty face in Rose.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Maurrant respond when her daughter implies that Mr. Maurrant may be more kind, if her mother would not have a relationship with someone outside this marriage?

2. Why does Rose ask Sam if there is a certain way she should act in a synagogue?

3. What does Mary Hildebrand tell Rose and Mr. Kaplan?

4. What is known about Mrs. Maurrant when the doctor arrives?

5. What does Mrs. Maurrant tell her daughter that sometimes she thinks?

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