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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Kaplan believe is the cause of the troubles with the world?
(a) Natural disasters.
(b) God's wrath.
(c) Unkind people.
(d) Economic and social policy.

2. About what does Shirley want to tell Rose?
(a) Her school.
(b) Her new boyfriend.
(c) Her summer courses.
(d) Her brother, Sam.

3. What does Rose try to explain to Shirley that she has not meant to do?
(a) Trick Sam into liking her.
(b) Hurt her feelings.
(c) Lead Sam on.
(d) Distract Sam in anyway.

4. How does Mrs. Maurrant respond when her daughter implies that Mr. Maurrant may be more kind, if her mother would not have a relationship with someone outside this marriage?
(a) She knows Rose and the neighbors are right.
(b) She agrees with Rose.
(c) She is surprised that Rose is so observant.
(d) She tells Rose that she cannot believe that she is acting like the others. She thought Rose would be the one person who would understand.

5. What has Mr. Buchanan received because of his wife and new baby?
(a) A gift from his boss.
(b) One month of no rent.
(c) A second job.
(d) The day off of work.

6. What is Sam repeatedly trying to find out?
(a) If Mr. Sankey was in the apartment.
(b) Whether or not Mrs. Maurrant is still alive.
(c) If Rose was in the apartment.
(d) Where Willie is.

7. Why does Shirley tell Rose to stay away from her brother?
(a) Her brother is too busy to be having a girlfriend.
(b) If Rose is not in love with Sam, she should leave him alone.
(c) It is not good to get involved with someone so different from her.
(d) Rose is not good enough for her brother.

8. Why does Mr. Maurrant stop telling Sam why he is not going to Stanford for work?
(a) He loses his train of thought.
(b) He sees his wife and Mr. Sankey walking down the street.
(c) When he realizes that the shades are drawn to his apartment.
(d) He sees Rose walking down the street.

9. What are the rest of the characters doing at the beginning of this scene?
(a) Coming in from work.
(b) Beginning their day.
(c) Still sleeping.
(d) Going to bed.

10. What is noticeable about Mr. Jones, the next morning?
(a) He is headed to work.
(b) He is in a bad mood.
(c) He is drunk.
(d) He is up early.

11. What does Fred find when he arrives?
(a) Two dead women.
(b) A dead woman.
(c) A dead man.
(d) Two dead men.

12. What is heard from Ms. Olsen?
(a) A scream.
(b) A gasp.
(c) A laugh.
(d) A gun shot.

13. Who watches Rose and Mr. Easter as they walk to the funeral?
(a) Mr. Jones.
(b) Mr. Kaplan.
(c) Mr. Maurrant.
(d) Sam and Mrs. Maurrant.

14. What does Sam do when Rose suggests running away?
(a) Sam tries to convince her to stay.
(b) Sam suggests they run away together.
(c) Sam tells her to run away alone.
(d) He suggests they commit suicide instead.

15. Where does Mr. Easter suggest they go after the funeral?
(a) The beach.
(b) Into the city.
(c) A movie.
(d) To dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do James Henry, a city marshal, and his assistant, Fred Cullen, stop in front of the building?

2. Why is Shirley angered at Rose's comment?

3. What forms in front of the building?

4. What does Mrs. Maurrant tell her daughter she needs in her life?

5. How does Shirley hurt Rose's feelings?

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