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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does this play begin?
(a) There is a walk up tenement style apartment located in a dodgy, dilapidated part of New York City, built in the 1890s.
(b) It is a typical suburban home in New Jersey with children playing in the front yard and a swingset in the back.
(c) There is a large Victorian-style home with a wrap around porch and grassy fields in the background.
(d) In a highrise apartment on the Upper Eastside of New York City.

2. What is the lighting on the stage?
(a) The janitor's apartment windows are lit, as are those in the first floor. There is a red light coming from the demolition site.
(b) There is a bright light, reperesenting the sun.
(c) The lights in the home are on.
(d) Streetlights run along stage left and stage right.

3. What happens between Vincent and Sam?
(a) They glare at one another.
(b) They get into an argument.
(c) They have a heated debate.
(d) They get into a physical altercation.

4. What is a constant throughout the play?
(a) Bird calls.
(b) Noise: the noise of the city.
(c) A subway car going by under ground.
(d) The sound of the wind.

5. What opinion does Mrs. Maurrant try to quietly assert?
(a) Everyone should be able to live in peace and accept each other's differences.
(b) Everyone should research the best options for improving the economy, rather than arguing over what they do not understand.
(c) Everyone should find a job and quit complaining.
(d) Everyone should try to make the best of their lives.

6. How does Mr. Maurrant look when he arrives home?
(a) Happy.
(b) Bored.
(c) Grim.
(d) Nervous.

7. On what does Mr. Maurrant lecture his wife?
(a) It is her responsibitilty to make sure the children have all of their homework done.
(b) How it is her job to make sure his dinner is ready when he comes home.
(c) She should wear more makeup and wear nicer clothes for him.
(d) How it is her responsibility to know where her daughter is, that Rose should not be out so late.

8. What is Greta Fiorentino wearing?
(a) A flowered housecoat.
(b) A summer dress.
(c) A bathing suit.
(d) A fur coat.

9. What is Sam doing when he and Rose are left alone?
(a) He is hugging Rose.
(b) He sits on the stoop sobbing and calls himself a coward.
(c) He is pacing the sidewalk.
(d) He is sitting silently on the curb.

10. How does Mr. Easter make Rose uncomfortable?
(a) He berates her for her behavior at work earlier that day.
(b) He asks to see her mother.
(c) He tells her he loves her.
(d) He pressures her into letting him upstairs and forces a kiss.

11. What does Ms. Simpson do before leaving?
(a) She glares at all of the tenants.
(b) She makes Mrs. Hildebrand assign an agreement.
(c) She yells at the neighbors on the stoop.
(d) She makes an offensive comment about Jews to Kaplan.

12. What does Mr. Maurrant tell the group he is going to do to his kids?
(a) Punish them.
(b) Give them up for adoption.
(c) Throw them out.
(d) Treat them to a movie.

13. What has the country's heat wave caused?
(a) Milk all around the country to spoil.
(b) The deaths of six people in Chicago.
(c) Power outages all around the city.
(d) Sales in ice to rise drastically.

14. What do the women wonder about Sam Kaplan?
(a) Why he is not married.
(b) What is wrong with the young man.
(c) Why he seems to like Rose.
(d) If he is available.

15. What is the audience able to see of this building?
(a) The first floor windows and the bottom of the second story. To the left there is a partial view of the attached building, a storage warehouse under heavy construction. The house to the right is being demolished.
(b) The first five floors of the highrise aparment, a sign for valet parking, and a large awning over the entrance.
(c) A typical looking suburban home with toys lying around in the front yard.
(d) The front of this old Victorian home, lined with bushes and flowerbeds.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the group begin to break up?

2. Where would Mrs. Maurrant like to go that evening, but her daughter has not come home yet?

3. What do the women do, after Mr. Sankey's arrival?

4. How does Mr. Buchanan seem?

5. Why does Willie ask his mother for a dime?

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