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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a constant throughout the play?
(a) The sound of the wind.
(b) A subway car going by under ground.
(c) Bird calls.
(d) Noise: the noise of the city.

2. What do the women do, after Mr. Sankey's arrival?
(a) They disparage Mrs. Maurrant's character, one of them calling her a whore.
(b) They discuss the quality of the milk he sells.
(c) They go back to their previous activities.
(d) They wonder why Mr. Sankey is at the apartment.

3. How does Mr. Maurrant look when he arrives home?
(a) Grim.
(b) Bored.
(c) Happy.
(d) Nervous.

4. What is one reason why Mr. Maurrant does not like foreigners?
(a) They are rude.
(b) They smell funny.
(c) They come to America, trying to change things.
(d) They do not speak English.

5. Who does Mrs. Jones say do not know anything about raising babies?
(a) New Yorkers.
(b) The wealthy.
(c) Foreigners.
(d) The poor.

6. Why does Willie ask his mother for a dime?
(a) For a candybar.
(b) For an ice cream cone.
(c) For a piece of gum.
(d) For an icee.

7. Where does this play begin?
(a) There is a walk up tenement style apartment located in a dodgy, dilapidated part of New York City, built in the 1890s.
(b) It is a typical suburban home in New Jersey with children playing in the front yard and a swingset in the back.
(c) There is a large Victorian-style home with a wrap around porch and grassy fields in the background.
(d) In a highrise apartment on the Upper Eastside of New York City.

8. What does Mr. Maurrant tell the group he is going to do to his kids?
(a) Throw them out.
(b) Punish them.
(c) Treat them to a movie.
(d) Give them up for adoption.

9. What does Mr. Maurrant do when Willie appears, crying?
(a) He yells at both his wife and son.
(b) He spanks his son.
(c) He leaves to go after whoever had hurt his son.
(d) He hugs his son.

10. Why does Miss Cushing enter the scene excitedly?
(a) She has won the lottery.
(b) She cannot find her wallet.
(c) She has just seen Mrs. Maurrant and Mr. Sankey together.
(d) She has not heard from her children in two days.

11. What do the neighbors do when Ms. Simpson argues with Mrs. Hildebrand?
(a) They stand up for Mrs. Hildebrand.
(b) They go to their respective homes.
(c) They sit quietly and watch.
(d) They agree with Ms. Simpson.

12. Who tries to help Rose by yelling at Vincent?
(a) Mr. Buchanan.
(b) Mr. Maurrant.
(c) Sam Kaplan.
(d) Mr. Jones.

13. When will Mrs. Hildebrand and her children be thrown out of their apartment?
(a) Tomorrow.
(b) In one week.
(c) In one month.
(d) Next week.

14. What happens when Mr. Sankey arrives?
(a) Everyone stops what they are doing.
(b) They ask where he is going.
(c) They continue as if he is not there.
(d) Everyone encourages him to join in.

15. Over what do they argue?
(a) Who is considered a foreigner.
(b) The history of the United States.
(c) The person who discovered America, Leif Erickson or Christopher Columbus.
(d) Where foreigners should live.

Short Answer Questions

1. What opinion does Mrs. Maurrant try to quietly assert?

2. What does a sign on the set say about Prof. Filippo Fiorentino?

3. Why does Mr. Buchanan rush out of the building?

4. What do Lippo and Mrs. Maurrant do as the group discusses music and their respective favorites?

5. How does Mr. Buchanan seem?

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