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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sam doing when he and Rose are left alone?
(a) He is sitting silently on the curb.
(b) He is hugging Rose.
(c) He is pacing the sidewalk.
(d) He sits on the stoop sobbing and calls himself a coward.

2. Who tries to help Rose by yelling at Vincent?
(a) Sam Kaplan.
(b) Mr. Jones.
(c) Mr. Maurrant.
(d) Mr. Buchanan.

3. What has the country's heat wave caused?
(a) Sales in ice to rise drastically.
(b) Power outages all around the city.
(c) The deaths of six people in Chicago.
(d) Milk all around the country to spoil.

4. What is Mr. Filippo Fiorentino carrying as he enters the scene?
(a) His violin and five ice cream cones.
(b) A violin case and sheet music.
(c) Ice cream cones and a newspaper.
(d) Sheet music and a fiddle.

5. What does Ms. Simpson do before leaving?
(a) She makes Mrs. Hildebrand assign an agreement.
(b) She makes an offensive comment about Jews to Kaplan.
(c) She glares at all of the tenants.
(d) She yells at the neighbors on the stoop.

6. What happens when Mr. Sankey arrives?
(a) They continue as if he is not there.
(b) Everyone encourages him to join in.
(c) They ask where he is going.
(d) Everyone stops what they are doing.

7. On what does Mr. Maurrant lecture his wife?
(a) She should wear more makeup and wear nicer clothes for him.
(b) How it is her job to make sure his dinner is ready when he comes home.
(c) How it is her responsibility to know where her daughter is, that Rose should not be out so late.
(d) It is her responsibitilty to make sure the children have all of their homework done.

8. Why does Willie ask his mother for a dime?
(a) For an ice cream cone.
(b) For a piece of gum.
(c) For an icee.
(d) For a candybar.

9. Who does Mrs. Jones say do not know anything about raising babies?
(a) Foreigners.
(b) The wealthy.
(c) New Yorkers.
(d) The poor.

10. What does Sam do at Rose's request?
(a) He kisses her.
(b) He goes to his apartment.
(c) He recites a poem.
(d) He sings to her.

11. What does Rose's father ask about Mr. Easter?
(a) If he is having problems with Rose at work.
(b) If there was something more, perhaps a physical relationship between her and her boss.
(c) If he is interested in seeing Rose.
(d) If he has enough money to support Rose.

12. Why does Mr. Buchanan rush out of the building?
(a) He forgot to buy groceries.
(b) His wife is in labor.
(c) The building is on fire.
(d) He is chasing after his wife.

13. Why does Miss Cushing enter the scene excitedly?
(a) She has just seen Mrs. Maurrant and Mr. Sankey together.
(b) She cannot find her wallet.
(c) She has won the lottery.
(d) She has not heard from her children in two days.

14. What does Kaplan believe will no longer be necessary once there is no more personal property?
(a) The family unit.
(b) Public housing.
(c) Paying rent.
(d) Slums.

15. What is Rose doing as her father gets back from the bar?
(a) Searching through her purse for her keys.
(b) Sitting on the stoop crying.
(c) Walking into the apartment.
(d) Looking out the window.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the neighbors do when Ms. Simpson argues with Mrs. Hildebrand?

2. What does Rose do when Sam kisses her?

3. How do the ladies brush off Mr. Maurrant' mood?

4. What do the women wonder about Mr. Maurrant?

5. When is Mr. Buchanan's wife due?

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