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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after Mrs. Maurrant is heard yelling her husband's name?
(a) The window glass breaks.
(b) Mr. Sankey tries to jump out the window.
(c) Two gunshots are heard.
(d) Mr. Maurrant yells at Mr. Sankey.

2. About what does Shirley want to tell Rose?
(a) Her summer courses.
(b) Her new boyfriend.
(c) Her school.
(d) Her brother, Sam.

3. Why is Rose surprised when Shirley tells her that it will be several years before Sam is ready to care for a family?
(a) She does not like Sam.
(b) She will wait for Sam.
(c) She is disappointed.
(d) She is just good friends with Sam.

4. What do Shirley and Rose do before they part?
(a) They give each other a kiss on the cheek.
(b) They embrace and wish each other good luck.
(c) They shake hands.
(d) They exchange addresses.

5. What does Rose do to Mr. Easter?
(a) She rudely tells him to leave her alone.
(b) She thanks him and firmly refuses his help.
(c) She lets him help her.
(d) She decides to give in to his requests.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Mr. Maurrant ask?

2. Why does Miss Cushing enter the scene excitedly?

3. What is a constant throughout the play?

4. What do Lippo and Mrs. Maurrant do as the group discusses music and their respective favorites?

5. What do the women do, after Mr. Sankey's arrival?

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