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Act 1

1. Where does this play begin?
(a) There is a large Victorian-style home with a wrap around porch and grassy fields in the background.
(b) There is a walk up tenement style apartment located in a dodgy, dilapidated part of New York City, built in the 1890s.
(c) In a highrise apartment on the Upper Eastside of New York City.
(d) It is a typical suburban home in New Jersey with children playing in the front yard and a swingset in the back.

2. What does a sign on the set say about Prof. Filippo Fiorentino?
(a) He is a biology professor at Princeton.
(b) He is a music professor at NYU.
(c) He is a musician and teaches lessons.
(d) He is a law professor at Yale.

3. What is the audience able to see of this building?
(a) The first five floors of the highrise aparment, a sign for valet parking, and a large awning over the entrance.
(b) The front of this old Victorian home, lined with bushes and flowerbeds.
(c) The first floor windows and the bottom of the second story. To the left there is a partial view of the attached building, a storage warehouse under heavy construction. The house to the right is being demolished.
(d) A typical looking suburban home with toys lying around in the front yard.

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