Street Scene Character Descriptions

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Daniel Buchanan - This character is a tenant in the apartment building. He is a nervous expectant father whose wife is in labor.

Harry Easter - This character is the office manager who is Rose Maurrant's boss. Despite the fact that he is married, he is enamored with his employee.

Filippo Fiorentino - This character makes his living as an accordion player and musician and is generous with his money.

Greta Fiorentino - This character is a rather large, loving wife, German immigrant and a musician. She makes her living giving children music lessons in her tenement apartment.

Charlie Hildebrand - This character and his sister Mary are about to lose their apartment because of their destitute state. Still, they go to school in the morning and do not seem to be particularly affected by their imminent eviction.

Laura Hildebrand - This character has been abandoned...

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