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Act 1

• Before the first act of Street Scene begins, the setting of the play is explained in great detail: it is tenement housing in New York City.

• Abraham Kaplan, a Russian Jew, is sitting in his window reading a Yiddish newspaper.

• At the other side of the front door, Greta Fiorentino leans out her window fanning herself.

• Throughout the play it is explained that there is constant noise: the noise of the city; while the volume may lower, it is never completely quiet.

• Emma Jones and Greta, who has a slight German accent, speak of the weather, of the extreme heat; Olga Olsen, a slight Scandinavian woman, also mentions the hot weather.

• Willie asks his mother for a dime to buy ice cream, which, due to the extreme heat, she gives him.

• The women ask Willie's mother, Mrs. Maurrant, to join them, although they gossip about her relationship...

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