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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stella say she does when Stanley arrives home after a work trip?
(a) Nothing
(b) Cries in his lap like a baby
(c) Gives him a kiss
(d) Leaves as soon as he walks in the door

2. What does Stella confess that Stanley did on their wedding night?
(a) Admitted he didn't love her
(b) Broke all the light bulbs in the room with her shoe
(c) Left her alone in their bedroom
(d) Beat her unconscious

3. What does Stanley fear Blanche has done with Belle Reve?
(a) Sold it
(b) Torched it
(c) Ruined it
(d) Given it away

4. Where does Stella decide to go in order to join Stanley for the evening?
(a) The lounge
(b) A club
(c) A fancy restaurant
(d) The bowling alley

5. Where does Stanley go to get a drink?
(a) Wild Hearts
(b) Four Deuces
(c) Blue Room
(d) Village City

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Steve and Eunice's last name?

2. How long has Blanche been staying with the Kowalskis?

3. What does Stanley do with the radio?

4. From whom has Stanley gotten information about Blanche?

5. Who is sitting outside with Eunice when Blanche arrives?

Short Essay Questions

1. What solution to the argument between Eunice and Steve does Stella find more practical?

2. What is Stella's explanation for Stanley's behavior the night before?

3. How do the men attempt to calm Stanley down?

4. Who lives at 632 Elysian Fields, as the play opens in "A Streetcar Named Desire"?

5. What happens after Stanley throws the radio out of the window?

6. What has Shaw revealed to Stanley about Blanche?

7. What does Stella reveal about Mitch and what does she think of him?

8. What does Blanche do when she finds a bottle of whiskey in Stella's apartment?

9. Why doesn't Stella introduce Mitch to Blanche when they arrive home from their night out?

10. What happened on Stella's wedding night that horrifies Blanche, but Stella admits thrilled her?

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