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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blanche squirt onto Stanley, trying to flirt with him?
(a) Oil
(b) Rose essence
(c) Jasmine perfume
(d) Vanilla extract

2. Where does Stanley look for proof of Belle Reve's disposition?
(a) In Blanche's trunk
(b) In Stella's purse
(c) At the bank
(d) At the local title office

3. How long has Blanche been staying with the Kowalskis?
(a) A month
(b) 3 years
(c) 3 months
(d) 3 weeks

4. What does Blanche do in order to prepare for her night out with Stella?
(a) Paints her nails
(b) Takes a bath
(c) Calls an old beau to meet them
(d) Uses a mud mask

5. On what plantation was Stella raised?
(a) Laurel Hills
(b) Elysian Fields
(c) Belle Reve
(d) Bella Donna

Short Answer Questions

1. After Blanche took a streetcar named Desire, what was the next car she needed to take?

2. What does Stanley lecture Stella on as he tries to determine what happened to Belle Reve?

3. When Stanley offers Blanche a drink, how does she answer?

4. What astrological sign does Blanche say she is?

5. What does Stanley throw to Stella which amuses Eunice?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Blanche afraid of in terms of her relationship with Mitch?

2. What shows that Stella is not upset about the previous night's events anymore?

3. Why does Stanley get so upset about the idea of Belle Reve being lost?

4. Who lives at 632 Elysian Fields, as the play opens in "A Streetcar Named Desire"?

5. What happens when Stella decides to go watch Stanley bowl?

6. What is happening between Eunice and Steve at the beginning of scene 5 that frightens Blanche?

7. What is Stella's explanation for Stanley's behavior the night before?

8. Who is playing poker with Stanley at the beginning of Scene 3?

9. How does Stella describe her relationship with Stanley?

10. What has happened to Belle Reve, according to Blanche and to the papers she shows Stanley from her trunk?

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