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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blanche realize when she steps out of the bath?
(a) She's naked
(b) She's older than ever
(c) Something has happened
(d) She doesn't have anything to wear

2. Why does Stanley tell Mitch the truth about Blanche?
(a) He wanted to make sure Stella didn't tell him first
(b) They were army buddies
(c) It was an accident
(d) He wanted to break up their relationship

3. What does Blanche do when she asks Mitch to put her down?
(a) Licks her lips
(b) Sticks out her tongue
(c) Rolls her eyes
(d) Slaps him

4. Why is the atmosphere tense at Blanche's birthday?
(a) Blanche is gone
(b) Stanley is screaming
(c) Stella is crying
(d) Mitch's seat is empty

5. With whom did Blanche find her husband in bed?
(a) Another man
(b) Her best friend
(c) Her sister
(d) A prostitute

6. What does Mitch say about Blanche's weight?
(a) She is too skinny.
(b) She is heavy as a stone
(c) She is light as a feather
(d) She is curvaceous, which is perfect.

7. What did Blanche and her husband dance the night she confronted him?
(a) The Waltz
(b) The Trot
(c) The Jitterbug
(d) The Varsouviana

8. What does Blanche ask Mitch in French - Do you want to _____ with me tonight?
(a) Talk
(b) Lay
(c) Sleep
(d) Leave

9. What does Stanley only wear on special occasions?
(a) A suit
(b) His shirt
(c) A tie
(d) Silk pajamas

10. What kind of liquor does Blanche find?
(a) Southern Comfort
(b) Maker's Mark
(c) Jack Daniels
(d) Johnny Walker

11. What has Stanley said that Blanche has been doing all summer?
(a) Drinking his liquor
(b) Dancing in the nude
(c) Nothing
(d) Stealing his money

12. What does Blanche offer to her visitor?
(a) A dance
(b) A piece of jewelry
(c) A book
(d) A drink

13. What was Mitch invited over for?
(a) Dinner
(b) Appetizers
(c) Drinks
(d) Cake and ice cream

14. About what does Blanche talk to imaginary admirers?
(a) Mitch
(b) Her beauty
(c) Heading to Laurel
(d) Going for a late night swim

15. What time of year is it at the start of scene 7?
(a) Early summer
(b) Mid-September
(c) Winter
(d) Springtime

Short Answer Questions

1. What are they searching for in Blanche's bag?

2. Where did Stanley find out Blanche was carrying on illicit affairs?

3. Stella is afraid that Mitch will not longer want to ________ Blanche.

4. What does Blanche pull out to wear?

5. What does Blanche call Stanley, which infuriates him?

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