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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Blanche say she is going, hence the packing of her trunk?
(a) To Atlanta
(b) To Paris
(c) To the Caribbean
(d) To Laurel

2. Blanche's visitor asks why he has never seen her __________.
(a) In normal clothes
(b) In the light
(c) Act naturally
(d) Outside the house

3. What does Stella describe her sister has having always been?
(a) Simple
(b) Crazy
(c) Straight
(d) Flighty

4. What does Mitch say after listening to Blanche's confessions - You _____ to me, Blanche.
(a) Could talk
(b) Mean the world
(c) Lied
(d) Could be straighter

5. What does Stanley throw to the floor?
(a) A newspaper
(b) Stella
(c) A bottle
(d) His plate

6. What kind of liquor does Blanche find?
(a) Maker's Mark
(b) Johnny Walker
(c) Jack Daniels
(d) Southern Comfort

7. Who does Blanche call?
(a) Shep
(b) Mitch
(c) Shaw
(d) Stanley

8. Why is the atmosphere tense at Blanche's birthday?
(a) Stanley is screaming
(b) Stella is crying
(c) Mitch's seat is empty
(d) Blanche is gone

9. What does Blanche call Stanley, which infuriates him?
(a) A jerk
(b) A Polack
(c) A brute
(d) A Pole

10. What does Blanche realize when she steps out of the bath?
(a) She's naked
(b) Something has happened
(c) She's older than ever
(d) She doesn't have anything to wear

11. What does Stanley spear from the platter?
(a) A potato
(b) A pork chop
(c) A piece of squash
(d) A steak

12. For what does Blanche say to save the birthday cake candles?
(a) Stanley's birthday
(b) The baby's birthdays
(c) The next day
(d) Another year

13. Where does Blanche want them to pretend to be?
(a) Spain
(b) Paris
(c) Japan
(d) England

14. About what does Blanche tell a joke?
(a) A birthday
(b) A dog
(c) A parrot
(d) A Rabbi

15. Where did Mitch and Blanche go for their date?
(a) A bar
(b) A fancy restaurant
(c) An amusement park
(d) The French Quarter

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the answer to #154 selling?

2. Stella chastises Stanley for his poor _________ and greasy ____________.

3. When do Mitch and Blanche arrive back home after their date?

4. What does Stanley say that he doubts Mitch will do?

5. What happened when the answer to #112 found out about Blanche's activities?

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