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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Blanche's husband do when she confronted him about #104?
(a) He apologized and stayed with her
(b) He got sick
(c) He shot himself
(d) He left her

2. Why does Stanley come home?
(a) To drink
(b) To wait for Mitch
(c) To get some sleep
(d) To talk to Blanche

3. What does Stella describe her sister has having always been?
(a) Crazy
(b) Straight
(c) Simple
(d) Flighty

4. What does Mitch do to soothe Blanche?
(a) Rocks her to sleep
(b) Gets her a drink
(c) Proposes to her
(d) Kisses her

5. What are they searching for in Blanche's bag?
(a) Money
(b) A handkerchief
(c) Liquor
(d) The apartment key

6. What happens when Mitch doesn't pick up the phone?
(a) Stanley laughs
(b) Stella goes over to his house
(c) Blanche hangs up
(d) Blanche leaves a message

7. Blanche's visitor asks why he has never seen her __________.
(a) Outside the house
(b) In the light
(c) In normal clothes
(d) Act naturally

8. What, according to Blanche, must a single girl keep a firm hold on so she will not be lost?
(a) Her virginity
(b) Her purse
(c) Her keys
(d) Her emotions

9. Who appears outside the apartment as Blanche and Mitch are talking?
(a) A Negro woman
(b) A blind Mexican vendor
(c) A peddler
(d) Shaw

10. Where does Blanche want them to pretend to be?
(a) Paris
(b) Japan
(c) England
(d) Spain

11. When do Mitch and Blanche arrive back home after their date?
(a) 3:30
(b) 12:00
(c) 1:30
(d) 2:30

12. What time of year is it at the start of scene 7?
(a) Winter
(b) Early summer
(c) Mid-September
(d) Springtime

13. About what does Mitch ask Blanche?
(a) Her ring
(b) Her age
(c) Her past
(d) Her height

14. What did Blanche and her husband dance the night she confronted him?
(a) The Trot
(b) The Waltz
(c) The Jitterbug
(d) The Varsouviana

15. What does Blanche slam down onto the dressing table?
(a) A book
(b) A hand mirror
(c) Her head
(d) A bottle

Short Answer Questions

1. Blanche's visitor says he just wants to be __________.

2. From whom does Blanche say she has received a wire?

3. For what does Blanche say to save the birthday cake candles?

4. Who is singing and laughing during this scene?

5. Who does Blanche reveal as her young husband who died?

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