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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blanche hear after she opens Stanley's gift to her?
(a) A streetcar
(b) A train
(c) The radio
(d) Polka music

2. What did Blanche begin to be known as in Laurel?
(a) A smart business woman
(b) A fun lady
(c) A lecherous human
(d) A crazy woman

3. What does Blanche realize when she steps out of the bath?
(a) She's naked
(b) Something has happened
(c) She doesn't have anything to wear
(d) She's older than ever

4. What does Blanche put on her head to complete her outfit?
(a) A sparkly barrette
(b) A hat
(c) A tiara
(d) A flower

5. What does Blanche do when she asks Mitch to put her down?
(a) Slaps him
(b) Licks her lips
(c) Sticks out her tongue
(d) Rolls her eyes

6. Who does Stanley blame for the changes between he and Stella?
(a) Mitch
(b) Blanche
(c) Stanley
(d) Stella

7. Where did Mitch and Blanche go for their date?
(a) The French Quarter
(b) An amusement park
(c) A fancy restaurant
(d) A bar

8. What is the special occasion that is about to begin?
(a) Blanche's birthday
(b) Christmas
(c) Stanley's birthday
(d) Easter

9. What does Blanche pull out to wear?
(a) A blue pantsuit
(b) A white satin evening gown
(c) A black dress
(d) A green shawl

10. Where does Mitch workout?
(a) New Orleans Fitness Club
(b) His work
(c) Home
(d) New Orleans Athletic Club

11. What does Blanche call Stanley, which infuriates him?
(a) A Polack
(b) A Pole
(c) A jerk
(d) A brute

12. How many places are set for the dinner?
(a) 7
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) 4

13. Why does Stanley tell Mitch the truth about Blanche?
(a) They were army buddies
(b) He wanted to make sure Stella didn't tell him first
(c) He wanted to break up their relationship
(d) It was an accident

14. What does Stanley say that he doubts Mitch will do?
(a) Bring a present
(b) Marry Blanche
(c) Show up
(d) Be forgiving

15. Who comes to visit Blanche when Stella and Stanley are at the hospital?
(a) Mitch
(b) Shep
(c) Steve
(d) Eunice

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Stella at the end of this scene?

2. What does Blanche say is the opposite of desire?

3. What does Blanche tell Stanley that Mitch did?

4. Where has Blanche pulled her trunk?

5. What happened when the answer to #112 found out about Blanche's activities?

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