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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the drink of choice at the poker game?
(a) Wine
(b) Beer
(c) Tequila
(d) Water

2. How do the men attempt to calm Stanley down?
(a) A cold shower
(b) A walk in the street
(c) They threaten to call the police
(d) They make jokes

3. What does Stanley grab from Blanche's hand after the incident in #30?
(a) A book
(b) The atomizer
(c) Her rings
(d) The paper

4. Who is the one person that Blanches does not meet right away?
(a) Steve
(b) Harold
(c) Joe
(d) Pablo

5. From where is Blanche?
(a) Georgia
(b) Tennessee
(c) Alabama
(d) Mississippi

6. Where did Mitch get his silver cigarette case?
(a) His dad owned it
(b) From a young girl who died
(c) As a birthday present from his wife
(d) He bought it

7. How much money did Stanley give to Stella as a peace offering?
(a) $25
(b) $10
(c) None
(d) $5

8. Where did Blanche meet this old beau in #58?
(a) Hawaii
(b) Miami
(c) Fort Bragg
(d) Orlando

9. What does Blanche reveal she is on since leaving teaching because of her nerves?
(a) A leave of absence
(b) A permanent sabbatical
(c) A work trip
(d) A vacation

10. Where does Blanche send Stella in order to get some privacy with Stanley?
(a) To the bar
(b) Upstairs
(c) To the drugstore
(d) To the bathroom

11. Where is Stella when Stanley meets Blanche for the first time?
(a) In the living room
(b) On the porch
(c) In the bathroom
(d) At Eunice's

12. What has Blanche said she is learning from Steve?
(a) A new language
(b) How to cook
(c) An instrument
(d) The basics of real estate

13. What does Blanche do that annoys Stanley?
(a) Turns on the radio
(b) Tells him to stop playing
(c) Flirts with the men
(d) Drinks his beer

14. To where do Stella and Blanche retreat?
(a) The bathroom
(b) The bedroom
(c) The porch
(d) The street

15. In what city does the story take place?
(a) Birmingham
(b) New Orleans
(c) Chicago
(d) Laurel

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Blanche do in order to prepare for her night out with Stella?

2. What does Blanche pour onto her handkerchief before she wipes her brow?

3. What does Blanche ask Stella to bring her?

4. At what address does the play begin?

5. What does Stanley fear Blanche has done with Belle Reve?

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