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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Blanche meet this old beau in #58?
(a) Miami
(b) Fort Bragg
(c) Hawaii
(d) Orlando

2. Where does Stanley look for proof of Belle Reve's disposition?
(a) In Blanche's trunk
(b) At the local title office
(c) At the bank
(d) In Stella's purse

3. What does Blanche pour onto her handkerchief before she wipes her brow?
(a) Makeup
(b) Perfume
(c) Water
(d) Alcohol

4. When do Blanche and Stella arrive home?
(a) 2:30
(b) 12:00
(c) 4:00
(d) 3:00

5. What is Steve and Eunice's last name?
(a) Hubbell
(b) Smith
(c) Desire
(d) Cornell

6. Who offers Blanche a shoulder to cry on after the events of the evening?
(a) Stella
(b) Pedro
(c) Mitch
(d) Steve

7. How much money did Stanley give to Stella as a peace offering?
(a) None
(b) $5
(c) $10
(d) $25

8. On what plantation was Stella raised?
(a) Belle Reve
(b) Bella Donna
(c) Elysian Fields
(d) Laurel Hills

9. Who comes to the apartment after Stella leaves for the bar?
(a) A teenage boy
(b) A peddler
(c) A doctor
(d) A police officer

10. Why does Blanche think Mitch will lose interest in her?
(a) Her appearance
(b) Her age
(c) Her background
(d) Her lies

11. Where does Blanche send Stella in order to get some privacy with Stanley?
(a) To the drugstore
(b) Upstairs
(c) To the bar
(d) To the bathroom

12. What does Stella confess that Stanley did on their wedding night?
(a) Broke all the light bulbs in the room with her shoe
(b) Admitted he didn't love her
(c) Left her alone in their bedroom
(d) Beat her unconscious

13. From where is Blanche?
(a) Georgia
(b) Tennessee
(c) Mississippi
(d) Alabama

14. What does Blanche do in order to prepare for her night out with Stella?
(a) Calls an old beau to meet them
(b) Paints her nails
(c) Uses a mud mask
(d) Takes a bath

15. In what town does Stanley say he heard Blanche used to frequent a seedy hotel?
(a) Laurel
(b) Birmingham
(c) Orlando
(d) New Orleans

Short Answer Questions

1. Who threatens to call the police if her husband hits her?

2. What does Stanley fear Blanche has done with Belle Reve?

3. The legal papers that Stanley finds describe how the DuBois men exchanged the land for their epic ___________.

4. Who is the author of the quote on Mitch's cigarette case?

5. What astrological sign does Blanche say she is?

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