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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blanche ask Stella for in order to calm her nerves?
(a) A pill
(b) A glass of water
(c) A drink
(d) A cigarette

2. What does Stella offer to Blanche?
(a) A bus ticket
(b) Five dollars
(c) A trip to the Western Union office
(d) A bottle of alcohol

3. To whom does Blanche decide to write a letter?
(a) Allan
(b) Mitch
(c) Shep
(d) Stanley

4. Who comes to the apartment after Stella leaves for the bar?
(a) A teenage boy
(b) A police officer
(c) A doctor
(d) A peddler

5. What does Stanley do as he clutches Stella to his chest?
(a) Gives her more money
(b) Hits her again
(c) Tells her to make her sister leave
(d) Smiles at Blanche

6. Who ends up with a bump on the head?
(a) Blanche
(b) Steve
(c) Stella
(d) Stanley

7. When Blanche confesses she is broke, how much money does she say she has?
(a) 5 dollars
(b) 10 dollars
(c) 65 cents
(d) Nothing

8. What is Stella reading in bed?
(a) A romance novel
(b) A catalog
(c) A comic book
(d) A novel

9. Who offers Blanche a shoulder to cry on after the events of the evening?
(a) Pedro
(b) Steve
(c) Stella
(d) Mitch

10. What have the men been eating during their poker game?
(a) Watermelon
(b) Cucumbers
(c) Apples
(d) Lemons

11. When did Blanche meet this old beau?
(a) Easter
(b) Valentine's Day
(c) Hanukkah
(d) Christmas

12. Blanche is worried about getting soft and old and not being able to ___________.
(a) Make money
(b) Impress Stanley
(c) Turn the trick
(d) Fall in love

13. Stanley finds out that Belle Reve was lost through a ___________.
(a) Fire
(b) A lie
(c) Mortgage default
(d) A bad decision

14. To where do Stella and Blanche retreat?
(a) The street
(b) The bedroom
(c) The porch
(d) The bathroom

15. What does Stanley fear Blanche has done with Belle Reve?
(a) Given it away
(b) Ruined it
(c) Sold it
(d) Torched it

Short Answer Questions

1. At what address does the play begin?

2. What does Stanley lecture Stella on as he tries to determine what happened to Belle Reve?

3. What does Stella confess that Stanley did on their wedding night?

4. What is the drink of choice at the poker game?

5. What is Steve and Eunice's last name?

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