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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what plantation was Stella raised?
(a) Bella Donna
(b) Laurel Hills
(c) Elysian Fields
(d) Belle Reve

2. About what does Stanley say that he and Stella used to like being together?
(a) It was common
(b) It was passionate
(c) It was boring
(d) It was plain

3. How many times does Blanche say she has apologized for the humidity from the bath?
(a) 2
(b) 5
(c) 1
(d) 3

4. What does Stella want to keep a secret from Blanche?
(a) That she kept Belle Reve for herself
(b) That she is leaving
(c) That she is pregnant
(d) That she doesn't like her very much

5. To what does Blanche compare her sister's desire?
(a) A runaway horse
(b) A streetcar
(c) A candle
(d) A train

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Blanche decide to write a letter?

2. When did Blanche meet this old beau?

3. What have the men been eating during their poker game?

4. What does Blanche find to drink as she is waiting in Stella's apartment?

5. Who threatens to call the police if her husband hits her?

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